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Winter Gardening Tips

The words “winter gardening” seems like an oxymoron, but if you’re a savvy gardener, you can have a wonderful harvest year round, even when the temperatures dip well below zero and there’s snow on...

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Fall Garden Chores – Time to Get Dirty!

Mother Nature leads us to believe fall’s cool down won’t support the lush and colorful blooms which fill your borders and beds of the summer months, but that’s only partly true. The hardy chrysanthemum is considered a colorful harbinger of autumn. Depending on your zone, you may have to plant “mums” in the spring in order to guarantee a fall bloom. Mulch this perennial and you’ll keep your mums from succumbing to harder frosts of late fall.

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Fall Gardening Plan

As summer comes to an end and the summer temperatures cool down gardeners look for new plants that will flourish from late summer and into the fall. Keep your garden productive with this fall...

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Creating a Garden Plan

Having an overall plan for your garden is a good idea, it’s like the old adage, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. By planning, you avoid the classic dilemma of buying plants...