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Can Ozonators Damage My Hot Tub Cover?

Most hot tubs today come with the added convenience of an ozonating system already installed. It’s a great selling point for the hot tub manufacturers and dealers to the customers. They sell it as a maintenance free system. The question is, is it a maintenance free system and can an ozonator cause any damage?

The quick answer is no an ozonator although a helpful addition to oxidizing your hot tub water, is not a stand alone system for oxidizing hot tub water. You still need a chlorine or bromine chemical system in combination with an ozonator to oxidize your hot tub water. Many customers think that an ozonator is all they need to oxidize their hot tub water. This of course is not the case, and can be dangerous if used this way. Often hot tub owners are unaware if their ozonator is actually working or not, and in a lot of cases ozonators are not working and aiding in the oxidization process of your hot tub.damaged hot tub cover

Another issue with ozonators is the damage they do to hot tub covers or spa covers. When an ozonator is working it is constantly making ozone gas which settles between the top of the hot tub water and the underside of the hot tub cover. with the seal of the hot tub cover the gas has no where to go, and although the ozone is mild over time it does cause significant damage to your hot tub cover. In particular the ozone will deteriorate the poly vapor seal of a hot tub cover, leaving the foam core unprotected and open to water saturation. This is a huge problem for hot tub covers and it doesn’t take long to break down and ruin your hot tub cover, it can happen in half a year.

The best two ways to protect your hot tub cover from the ozonator damage is to lift your hot tub cover daily and let the ozone release, or purchase a thermal or solar cover to float on the top of your hot tub water keeping in the ozone. A combination of both solutions is the best way to protect your hot tub cover from ozone damage. To make it easy on you to remove and put on your hot tub or spa cover you may want to consider having a good hot tub cover lifter system installed. There are many choices in hot tub cover lifters on The Cover Guy site to choose from. Not dragging and pulling your hot tub cover off and on also helps protect the hot tub and spa covers.

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