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4 Tips For Protecting Your Hot Tub Cover

Keeping hot tub covers in good condition ensure they will last longer, saving you time and energy in the long run. Here are Jay, The Cover Guy‘s, best tips for getting the longest life out of your cover.

Tip #1. Prevent chemical damage.
Chemical damage is the #1 reason covers break down and it is completely preventable. Chemical damage occurs when the water is high in acid or disinfectants such as chlorine and bromine. Checking your chemical levels regularly not only helps you maintain a healthy environment in your hot tub, it also prevents damage to your cover. Additionally,  when you shock the water, be sure to take your hot tub cover off completely, and keep it off for at least one hour.

Tip #2: Keep weight off the cover.
Although the surface of a hot tub cover looks likes a desirable place to sit, keep your loved ones off of the cover for their safety and the well-being of your cover. Also take care not to store or rest anything on top of the cover. Any weight placed on a hot tub cover can cause sagging or a break in the foam. Once the foam is cracked, the cover will no-longer work to its full potential and water logging, sagging, and failure will occur.

Tip #3: Take care when removing the cover.
Many covers are torn or broken from removing the cover incorrectly. When removing the cover and putting it back on, take care to use the proper handles on the sides of the cover. Do not drag, pull, kick, or grab by the cover by the security straps. If you have difficulty lifting the cover, consider getting a lifter which makes lifting easy and a one-person task.

Tip #4: Keep it clean.
Keep your cover clean and free of any debris and dirt to the extent possible. If your cover gets dirty, use warm water and a gentle soap to remove and dirt or debris. Also be sure to apply 303 four to five times a year. Do not use products with harsh chemicals such as Amoral, as they make the vinyl on the cover fragile. 303 is made exclusively for marine grade vinyl, which is why we recommend it.

Tip #5 Keep it dry.
Keep your cover as dry as possible. Clear snow off the top in the winter months and wipe off water after a heavy rainfall. There is no cure for a waterlogged cover. When covers become waterlogged they have to be replaced. You can prevent a cover from becoming waterlogged by keeping it dry.

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