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What colours do hot tub covers come in?

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Hot tub covers are not only a great way to protect your investment – they serve aesthetic purposes as well.  Long ago, these covers came in simple black.  But today, hot tub covers come in a variety of shades to suit individual tastes.

The Cover Guy has always valued the beauty of a high-quality cover.   That’s why we offer one of the widest selections on the market today.  From “Sky Blue” to “Hunter Green”, there is certainly a shade that will blend in stunningly with your back deck.

Choosing the right colour is a crucial decision, as hot tub covers can enhance and complement your surroundings.  For example, if you have a back deck area that consists of earthy tones – why not choose a cover in a dark green?  Green triggers images of trees and vast forests.  It also blends in well with patio furniture in brown and beige tones.

On the other hand, you may have a backyard that features a tranquil, spa-like oasis.  A rich, navy blue is a soothing colour that would be suitable for this type of atmosphere.  Psychologists say blue has the ability to calm the mind.  It works as a relaxing resting point for the eyes as well.

Burgundy hot tub covers are also very popular.  This colour resembles that of rich mahogany and can bring a luxurious feel to your hot tub area.  One of our favourite colours, however, is the light grey.  This tone is modest, yet still contains a pop of eye-catching hue.  It works especially well if you have patio accessories in rich, purple tones.

If you’re willing to keep a close eye on the maintenance of your cover, then “Tan” is also a gorgeous option.  However, this shade is only suitable for those who pay special attention to its care.  Because of its lighter hue, dirt and damage can become especially noticeable.  Our “Tan” covers resemble that of beautiful camel hide.

Hot tub cover caps are a great way to protect the integrity of your cover.  These caps shield the item from debris and harsh UV rays, which can cause discolouration.

Choosing a cover colour is the fun part!  So browse through our vast catalogue and pick a shade that’s right for you!

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