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The Cover Guy has a great selection of hot tub and spa chemicals.

Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water care. During that time, spas have become more luxurious and consumers more sophisticated. Their continued position as the leader in spa water care is from Leisure Time continually improving its product line, the program and the packaging that elegantly wraps up years of innovation. The Cover Guy is proud to provide such a high quality chemical brand to our clients.

Our knowledgeable customer services are also here to help. Call us toll-free at 866-622-6837.

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Spa Kits

The Low Maintenance, All Natural, Less Expensive Solution - Spa Solution®

  • So easy to use - Pour it in your spa and forget about it
  • Water so clean and clear you won't need to shower after using your spa
  • Never again suffer from burning eyes, dried skin, and irritating rashes
  • No more harmful chemical additives
  • No more time-consuming water balancing and chemical adjusting
  • So economical- A purchase can last three months
  • 100% Non-toxic to all living creatures

Start Up Kit

Start Up Kit

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One Year Kit

One Year Kit

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Deluxe One Year Kit

Deluxe One Year Kit

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Filter Soak

Filter Soak

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Carbon Block Filter

Carbon Block Filter

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Bacteria Test Strips

Bacteria Test Strips

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Spa Solution

Spa Solution

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Spa Solution Testimonials

I have been in the Hot Tub Business since 1983.

I love hot tubs! I have sold well over 10,000 Spas myself. My goal for all of those years was to help put a hot tub in EVERY home. This meant making the spa easy to understand, easy to get to your backyard and easy to operate and maintain. I became the "SPA MAN"

In my time as the "Spa Man". I had many jobs involving HOT TUBS. I have sold them, designed and built them, delivered them, repaired them and learned about WATER QUALITY. All of the challenges were something that I could overcome.


No matter how many spas were sold no matter how many times we tried to get a better, easier, simpler system to help our spa clients keep their water fresh and clean. WE ALWAYS HAD PROBLEMS!

Chemicals were too harsh on the skin and on the machine. Testing and balancing were too complicated for the client. The EXTRA products needed to run the spa were VERY EXPENSIVE. Clients could never remember the RECIPE of the system and all the products that the store recommended.

  • Chlorine and Bromine had become more of a Pain than a Gain.
  • The clients were often VERY UNHAPPY ! ! !

With all the spas out in the field and all of the unhappy clients coming to our stores. We in the Spa Business, needed to offer a better way to keep Hot Tub water clean.

Enter Spa Solution.

Simply put: Spa Solution is an All Natural, enzyme based, spa water conditioner.

Spa Solution has been used by people who needed to be in their Hot Tub for more than the regular users: People with Arthritis, High Stress or Physical Injury would want to use the spa for extended periods. They found this extra time of exposure to Chlorine or Bromine was very unpleasant. These people had taken the time to research and found a natural product to use, however the retailers and suppliers of Spa Chemicals felt the competition and tried to keep it a secret.

As a retailer, I found a product that the clients now loved and wanted to purchase. I was more than happy to help because the PROOF was in THE PUDDING. all of the clients that used it, reported the same things.

  • Soft, silky, smooth water with NO harsh chemicals against skin
  • Easy operation with a 3 month use with one application
  • Much less expense of maintenance
  • No water balancing or testing. no hassle
  • NO more dry, itchy skin
  • The spa COVER, JETS, PUMP, HEATER all last longer with NO corrosion
  • Happy clients with a simple effective way to enjoy their spa

As the product became better known, the more people were exposed to it and it has now been successfully used by thousands of spa clients in Canada and the U.S.

I have PERSONALLY been selling Spa Solution for 8 yrs. I am certain that it does the job it is meant to do. IMPROVE YOUR SPA EXPERIENCE. It is with confidence that I highly recommend it and sell it to my clients knowing they will be happy. I sell Spa Solution to ALL of my clients and I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Carter LeClair Since I have been involved with Spa Solution, I have seen many spa users gone from disgruntled to happy. This product is a SOLUTION to enhance the SPA experience.

The clients are very happy with: the feel and smell of their water, the simple application of the product, no water balancing or testing, the lower cost of use, the natural NON toxic material and no corrosion to the equipment of the spa.

I invite you to contact me with any questions or concerns with regards to Spa Solution.

Carter LeClair
Since I have been involved with Spa Solution, I have seen many spa users gone

We have had our tub for 4 years. For 3.5 years we used the chemicals. To be honest, I never felt right emptying the chemical soup into the town drainage system and I never liked the smell of chemicals when I got out of the tub. I would NOT go back to chemicals since I have tried Spa Solution - it is incredible and here are my reasons:

  • My husband spends more time in the tub with me because he always hated the chemical smell
  • My skin feels soft and I don't feel the need to take a shower after getting out
  • My new bathing suit is not falling apart due to the harshness of the chemicals - my other one completely fell apart (seriously) so imagine what that does to your skin
  • I am the keeper of the tub and I was constantly fighting to balance the water - we use the tub with a lot of people on the weekends so keeping it in balance and clear was always a pain. Not now !
  • My supply of chemicals lasted a long time but there were so many that came with the tub that I never had to use - Spa Solution is a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE and it works better
The stuff works so well and we are chemical free, which is much better for the environment. If you want a strong endorsement, I am sold on this stuff.
- Carol, Nova Scotia

This truly is a life saver for us!! Since our daughter was little, she would continually break out in hives after being in a hot tub or public pool with chlorine. After buying our current house consisting of a spa, she's now tickled pink (instead of itching pink!! J) She can now enjoy it with her teenage friends! Grrrreat stuff! Thanks Spa Solution!
- Nicole, Chiliwack B.C

Spa Solution is the most fantastic solution for your hot tub. The days of "tinkering" with your tub are done. I truly started to enjoy my hot tub once I switched to Spa Solution. Not only is it now a 1000 times easier to manage my tub, it feels 1000 times better when I get in and out of it. No more dry skin or having some guest unable to join us because of allergic reactions to harsh chemicals. I have recommended Spa Solution to every person I know who has, or is getting, a hot tub. I don't know why you don't advertise on TV.
- Lloyd, Edmonton

Before I found your product I was ready to sell my hot tub, due to dermal reactions all over my body from harsh chemicals. I actually had to visit my family doctor a couple times. Luckily, we found Spa Solution through our local spa dealer. With some hesitance we decided to try it.

What a lucky break! We went home and followed the very simple instructions, and were back in our hot tub soon. A bit nervous at first, I discovered that my body was softer than when I got in. Needless to say you product saved our winter nights enjoyment. We have been using Spa Solution for a year now and I will use nothing but.
- Wallace, Ontario

Our hot tub is an oasis of refreshing, sparkling non-toxic water. Our skin feels great and there is no chemical smell. Thank you Spa Solution. - J.F., Port Perry

How Enzymes Work. What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are strings of proteins that catalyze bio-chemical reactions. This simply means they "jump start" bio-chemical reactions that are vital for human life. Enzymes are present in all living cells.

Enzymes are very specific in what chemical reactions they catalyze. Enzymes are used by cutting-edge biochemists in the war against disease. Enzymes are completely safe - even beneficial - to all living things. In fact, your body produces many enzymes that protect you from germs and viruses.

Enzymes work differently from chemicals because they don't get "used up". They are recyclable. You can think of enzymes as billions of very small, very hard-working factories operating 24 hours a day.

Spa Solution uses 14 different enzymes. We tested thousands of different formulas over a period of years to find just the right mixture of enzymes that were effective.

With this formula, we have a set of "master" enzymes that have been effective but at the same time keep the formula 100% safe for people, plants, animals and our environment.

These enzymes have some fascinating properties. Most enzymes work within a narrow temperature range - between 70 and 90 degrees F. At the lower temperatures, the enzymes don't have enough energy to start a reaction. As the temperature rises, they work better until they start to break down from the heat. Our enzymes are different because they continue to work all the way up to 180 degrees F! Very few enzymes can tolerate - much less thrive - at this temperature. These enzymes also have a long shelf life - up to 5 years. Most enzymes don't last more than a week.

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