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The Hot Tub Cover Cap is made from tough, durable woven polyethylene and is designed to protect your hot tub and hot tub cover from harsh weather conditions.

The Hot Tub Cover Cap is designed to work in all climates. In warmer climates the Hot Tub Cover Cap is a great cover for protecting your hot tub from sun damage, and keeping debris out of your hot tub. In colder climates the Hot Tub Cover Cap will protect your hot tub, and expensive spa cover from the harsh weather elements such as ice, snow, harsh rain and intense sun.

The Hot Tub Cover Cap comes in standard sizes with an option of a 12". The 12" skirt comes with an elastic hem and is easy to put on and remove. Use the 12" skirt if you are using your hot tub daily

NEW - round or octagon cover cap for covers 84" or smaller now available!

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