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  • Create A Spa Experience with Aromatherapy Products

    Hot tubs are already the epitome of a relaxing experience. But it’s possible to take them to spa levels at home using aromatherapy products. You can’t use just any product though. Read on to learn how to create a safe, enjoyable experience that won’t wear away at the hot tub cover. How to choose hot […]

  • The Cover Guy’s Hot Tub Cover Options

    At The Cover Guy, there are a few options when choosing a hot tub cover. The right choice depends on your hot tub, the environment, and your needs. Find out what the main differences are here. Types of hot tub cover at The Cover Guy There are three main hot tub cover models to find […]

  • Guide: How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

    Hot tubs don’t clean themselves, as much as we might hope they did. Even with occasional chemicals added, there’s more to it to create a lasting, comfortable, and healthy experience. It’s just as important that the inner workings (like the filter) are clean. Find out why it’s so important to clean your hot tub and […]