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  • The Top-20 Best Hot Tub Brands 2020 – Chosen by The Cover Guy

    The Cover Guy top 20 best hot tub brands. Our research comes from years of service in the hot tub and spa industry and our customer base.

  • Healthy Living Weekend Activities

    Healthy Living means staying active, eating right, and taking care of your body. More and more people are having to use their weekends to stay healthy.

  • How to Build a Wood Fired Hot Tub

    They are turning back the clock and choosing simplicity and peace over convenience and immediacy. They are choosing to use a wood-fired hot tub. Some of them are even choosing to build their own.

  • Hot Tub for your Health!

    Hydrotherapy treatments that combine elements of heated water, massage, and decreased pressure on sore joints by decreasing body weight through buoyancy have been in practice for centuries.

  • Fun and Useful Hot Tub Accessories

    If you are a hot tub owner, you already know how much fun it is to own one. They are great for relaxing in alone or for entertaining friends and family at gatherings. However, what you may not know is that there is a whole world of accessories on the market today that can make […]

  • Hot Tub Equals Back Pain Relief

    Whether it’s chronic or isolated back pain it can sideline you from your regular daily activities, and responsibilities. The secret to a fast recovery from a back issue is the quickness and timeliness of the treatment for your ailment.

  • Two-Person Hot Tubs

    It’s a simple fact of life, that most people would enjoy owning a hot tub. Even so, all to many people avoid making this life changing investment based on excuses like “we don’t have enough room!”, or “they’re too expensive!” and even, “we don’t host enough people at our home to make it a worthwhile […]

  • What Hot Tub Cover Color is Available?

    The Cover Guy one of the leading suppliers of hot tub covers in North America and Europe carries the 10 most popular spa cover colors

  • Why it’s a good idea to have a booster seat

    If you own a hot tub and have small children, one product you need to have is a booster seat. Much like those which are made for automobiles, a hot tub booster seat is essential for giving your child the support they need while in the water. Although hot tubs are kid-friendly for the most […]

  • Hot tub Yoga

    Yoga has long been and continues to be one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. One interesting development in this respect is hot tub yoga.

  • Wow! That’s an Ugly Hot Tub Cover!

    Hot tub covers so fade and deteriorate with time. Sitting atop your hot tub, they bear the brunt of the seasonal elements year in and year out. Rain, snow, heat, hail — these all combine to erode the aesthetic qualities of hot tub covers. After all, the covers do more than keep debris out of the hot tub and conserve energy. They add to the overall look and design of your backyard realm.

  • Make Your Hot Tub a Cool Tub This Summer!

    Too hot for hot water? No problem! The Cover Guy has an easily way you can turn your hot tub into a cool tub. Make your hot tub one of the best places to cool off and enjoy the relaxation benefits year-round. Turning your hot tub into a cool tub is easy and quick! All you […]