Backyard Maintenance

  • Why you should buy a Hot Tub Ozonator

    If you are a hot tub owner, or if you’re looking to buy one, chances are you have already heard about hot tub ozonators. A hot tub ozonator allows you to control your water quality. And it doesn’t hurt that it will save you money too.   Keep reading to know more about what a […]

  • Sundance® Spas Error Codes and Information

    Sundance Spas Error Codes and Information

  • Cottage Hot Tub Care Made Easy

    When your hot tub is at the cottage, hot tub care involves a few extra considerations. Most hot tubs are designed for city treated tap waters.

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Tips and Fixes

    Automatic Pool Cleaner Tips and Fixes Swimming pools are so relaxing and with the use of an automatic pool cleaner like the Kreepy Krauly you can maximize the fun and relaxation with less maintenance. As a matter of fact the most popular addition to a swimming pool is the automatic pool cleaner. The only side […]

  • The Cover Guy Custom Oversized Hot Tub Covers

    The Cover Guy has been building hot tub covers and spa covers for over 30 years and has a great knowledgeable staff that will help you design the perfect hot tub cover for your tub or swim spa.

  • What Destroys Hot Tub Covers – What can I do to Save Our Cover?

    What destroys hot tub covers? That is one question we receive everyday from our hot tub cover customers. Why don’t they last longer? There are many reasons for covers to break down.

  • MAAX Spas Industries Corp Error Codes & Information

    MAAX Spas Industries Corp MAAX Spas Industries Corp was founded in 1969, and their products are carried in showrooms across North America and Europe. In 2007, MAAX Spas was named one of the five biggest spa and hot tub firms in North America. One year later, they joined the Brookfield family, and this made them […]

  • Hot Tub Repair 101- What is an E6 or Error 6 Code Mean?

    This week we have a question from one of our hot tub customers about hot tub repair and the E6 or Error 6 on their hot tub top side control. The E6 error code on your hot tub usually refers to a reduction or stoppage of water pressure.

  • How Heavy should my Heavy Hot Tub Cover be?

    How heavy should my hot tub cover be? The simple answer is a hot tub cover should weigh about 50 – 75 pounds and should be easily taken off and put back on your hot tub by one person.

  • Time to Open the Swimming Pool

    Time to open the swimming pool. Spring is here and the swimming pool season is about to kick off. Here is a guide and tips to opening your swimming pool.

  • Tips for creating a custom hot tub pad

    Creating a hot tub pad is always a good idea, as it will prevent uneven sinkage and damage to the bottom of the spa and ensure long life to your tub.

  • How to make your hot tub eco-friendly

    Want to know a great way how you can help the environment and protect your family at the same time? If you own a hot tub, there many ways you can make your outdoor retreat eco-friendly and more enjoyable. In this day in age, there is nothing wrong with wanting to go green. If everyone […]

  • Wow! That’s an Ugly Hot Tub Cover!

    Hot tub covers so fade and deteriorate with time. Sitting atop your hot tub, they bear the brunt of the seasonal elements year in and year out. Rain, snow, heat, hail — these all combine to erode the aesthetic qualities of hot tub covers. After all, the covers do more than keep debris out of the hot tub and conserve energy. They add to the overall look and design of your backyard realm.

  • Taking Care of Your Hot Tub – A Beginner’s Guide

    Your hot tub takes care of you, helping you to relax at the end of a long day.  It’s only reasonable that you return the favour!  Proper hot tub care not only keeps your hot tub looking great, but also protects your hot tub’s components from corrosion.  Taking care of your hot tub today will […]

  • Guide to disposing hot tub covers – Breaking down to Reuse or Recycle

    Looking for a way to dispose of your old hot tub cover finds tips here.