What is the Best Chemicals to Use on my Hot Tub or Swimming Pool

What is the Best Chemicals to Use on my Hot Tub or Swimming Pool

Today you have an assortment of different options to oxidize your hot tub or swimming pools. The four major ways to oxidize your swimming pool or Hot tub is, chlorine, bromine, enzymes, and salt.

So the question is which one works best? Which one should I use in my hot tub and or swimming pool. The short answer is to use the best one for your family, and environment.

The best solution for oxidizing your hot tub or spa, has to be left up to your environment, and family. Some people have allergic reactions to some of the products used, or have sensitivity to one agent, or even multiple agents.

So you may consider trying different options for your family. You can interchange between chlorine, bromine, and enzymes. And if salt water systems is something you may want to include in your hot tub, or swimming pool it would be worth your while to find a local community pool that uses salt water generators and make sure your family is suited for this oxidizing system. The salt water systems can be an expensive retro-fit.

For me we were always an old stand by classic chlorine family with the chlorine pucks, and shocking with liquid or granular chlorine shock every other week. In our latest swimming pool build we decided to go with the salt water generator system and I have to say it has been wonderful for us it’s really an automated system that is so easy to use I almost feel guilty.

One thing to point out is that the rest of your water chemistry has to be right or none of these applications will work properly. Especially keep in check the acidity of your water as nothing can be more corrosive than acidic water. Acidic water will break down seals in your pumps, destroy your hot tub covers, and eat at your bathers skin.

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