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4 Components to Water Quality

Bromine Kti

There are 4 components of water chemistry that affect your water quality: sanitizer, total alkalinity, pH balance and calcium hardness. All of these components must be kept at a certain level if you want to achieve clear and comfortable water in your hot tub.

Here are the appropriate levels for each:

Chlorine (Chl) 3-5 ppm
Bromine (Br) 4-6 ppm
pH Balance 7.2 to 7.6
Total Alkalinity (TA) 80-120ppm
Calcium Hardness (CH) 150-250

Your sanitizer (chlorine and bromine) and pH balance will fluctuate more than total alkalinity and calcium hardness because they are directly related to spa usage.  We suggest testing your sanitizer and pH level every few days and make small adjusts as needed.

We also suggest testing total alkalinity and calcium hardness every week. While total alkalinity and calcium hardness do not fluctuate as much or as often as your sanitizer level and pH balance, they still should be checked regularly.

Conclusion: Maintaining proper water chemistry in your hot tub on a weekly basis can be easy and effortless.  A properly maintained hot tub is worth the little extra time required. Not only will your hot tub look and feel it’s best, it will also last longer and work better.

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