Gardening Tip Annuals vs. Perennials

Spring is here and winter has finally left! Soon grills will be firing up and pools covers will be coming off. Something nice to feature in your backyard space is a nice garden to go around your hot tub or swimming pool. Getting into gardening is not too difficult, simple things to keep in mind like what you want to plant and maintaining them are the usual essentials. There are many plants to choose from when deciding, but something important items to think about is the difference between annual plants, and perennial plants.

So to be clear Annuals you plant each year and add full grown vibrant plants quickly to your garden vs. Perennials which you hopefully plant once and come back every year on their own with very little maintenance. Annual and perennial defines the life cycle that the plants have and how long they will last. Annual plants are defined to grow only once a year where perennial plants will grow back again year after year.  With annuals there is obviously more work since replanting is essential every year where as perennials will just bloom again and cause you less work by no replanting. Now when comparing the two plant types you may be leaning towards the perennials because of the less work load.

Since you now know that perennial plants will be less work because of less replanting, why bother with annual plant? One reason annuals may be a better appeal than perennials is availability. The availability of annual plants plus the fact that they come with vivid brilliant colours might sway your choice to annual planting. Some common annual plants like Marigolds, Petunias, and Pansies are usually most common because of their bright colours and can usually be purchased grown.

Vivid colours are not limited to just annual plants; colorful perennials can be found as well. Perennial plants do have the advantage of growing back but as long as the soil and conditions are proper. The lengthy life span and growth rate of perennial plants are effected by weather, and soil richness as all plants do. The difference with annuals and perennials are that perennials blooming stage may be shorter but come with a more varied heights. Perennials have more of a variety if you want different heights of plants getting low growing perennials and high growing perennials. Lamium, Brunnera, and Campanula are some great examples of what types of perennials plants that are available.

Overall, the choice between whether to get annuals over perennials and vice versa can differ from different perspectives. If you are new to gardening and want to start a new project with it then maybe getting annuals to start off is the better choice. Or you can be looking to find fill some spots with perennials and other with annuals, having a mixture of both comes in handy giving your less replanting. You may also be thinking budget wise as well, even if annuals may fit the budget since the quantity and availability is higher compared to perennials, they will only last for that year where perennials will be more expensive but last longer. In the end you can decide what best works for your time and budget. We find a mix of the two is the best scenario.

Some our Favorite plants for Perennials are Day Lilies, Hostas, Roses, and Hibiscus. Our Annual choices are many but include Pansies, and Daises.

You can color match your hot tub cover to blend in or compliment your garden choices.

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