Home Made Custom Hot Tubs

home made hot tubs

Don’t try this at home! Some people take creativity to a whole new level. Recently while looking through the web I came across some, well for lack of a better word interesting custom hot tub ideas. Hot tub enthusiasts that had an idea and put it into action. I want to say I am not sure of the safety of some of these ideas and in no way are we suggesting or condoning the ideas presented here, but we thought some of the ideas were fun or just funny and wanted share. if you have a great hot tub area you are pleased with, please take a picture and share it with our group.

You have to appreciate people that have an idea and act upon it, even if it is a little odd or crazy sometimes. Hot tubs are actually a pretty easy thing to make, although manufacturers today have increased the quality of the mechanisms around them today with electronic circuit boards, dazzling light shows and automated cleaning and oxidizing components. The idea of a hot tub is still hot water therapy, and for that you need hot water and a vessel to put it into to. The people and pictures below are examples of the simplest forms of hot tubs. Remember whether your hot tub is from a manufacturer or custom The Cover Guy can take care of your hot tub cover, hot tub cover lifter, hot tub chemicals, and hot tub filter needs.

hot tub buddies redneck hot tub hot tub on the beach

Some of the home made hot tub projects I came accross are so well done they would rival some manufactured hot tubs on the market today. A great home project an a great way to save some money when considering a hot tub.

nice home made hot tub hot tub made of rocks

And there of course were some hot tubs that people made that left you scratching your head and saying. What were you thinking? Although, you have to applaud the creativity of the hot tubs made.

hot tub custom  redneck hot tub party

Last but not least checkout gommers backyard hot tub.


Gomers Redneck Hot Tub

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