Hot Tub Fall Cleaning- Great Day to Change the Water!

It’s a beautiful Saturday and I woke up early looked at my hot tub and said yep let’s get it done. There are certain times of the year and certain days that just shout out it’s change the hot tub water, and clean the hot tub filters day. I find the best days to change your hot tub water is early Fall and spring for sure, summers after a lot of people have been in and out of the tub, and any warmer winter days. Here is just a quick checklist for your hot tub fall cleaning.

Items Needed To Clean your Hot Tub

When you venture out to change your hot tub water and clean your hot tub filters you are going to need a few items.

  1. Submersible pump to drain the water.
  2. Shop vacuum to remove debris and remaining standing water.
  3. a good shammy to wipe down the hot tub.
  4. Filter Cleaning Wand
  5. Filter Cleaner Solution (degreaser should be used every 3 months)
  6. New Hot Tub Filters (over a year old should be replaced)
  7. Hot Tub Cover Cleaner

Drain The Hot Tub

refilling the hot tubSo the obvious first step when you do your hot tub fall cleaning is to drain the hot tub. I use a submersible pump that cost me around $100 and is useful for all kinds of chores around the house. Especially if you have a hot tub and pool in the backyard. The submersible pump is just faster than waiting for the gravity to drain your hot tub. Make sure you drain the hot tub to an area where grass or plants are not harmed by the chemical residue.

Clean your Hot Tub Filters

While your hot tub is draining take your filters and give them a good rinsing , I use our hot tub filter water wand to get in between the pleats of the filter, way easier then trying to do it with your fingers and the regular hose attachments. If it has been a few months it is a good idea to give the hot tub filters a good degreaser bath using a filter cleaning solution like LeisureTime Filter Clean. When you are giving your filters a bath it is a good idea to take the filters out the night before to let them soak in the solution over night. If its been a year it is time to replace the hot tub filters. The Cover Guy has a great new hot tub filter finder tool that makes buying your hot tub and spa filters easy.

shop vac for cleaning hot tubWhen the tub is empty you will want to go the extra mile and clean the water out of the suction (skimmer & drains) and return lines (jets & ozone venturi). Some people skip this step, I think it helps to give you a fresh new tub of water. I use the exhaust of the shop vac first to blow the lines clean and then suck up the remaining water with the suction end of the shop vacuum. Take your shammy or rag when all the water is drained and give the hot tub a nice polish. This is the best time to get around the hot tub and give it a good cleaning. It only takes a couple of more minutes and the results look great. You can also wash down the sides of the hot tub at this time as well.

Clean your Spa Cover

Finally take some clean soapy water and your shammy and give your spa cover a good rinse and wash. Remove any debris or mildew that might be present first. Wipe it down with your hot tub cover cleaner and you are all set. You will also want to take the time to wash down and shammy the interior of your spa cover.

The last item I want to mention is using mineral systems like Spa Frog or Spa Solution in your spa. Spa Solution is a natural enzyme product I started using about a year ago. I am thrilled to report it is a fantastic addition to my hot tub. I find my hot tub water has never been more easy to manage. And the hot tub water seems to stay fresher longer. We save money on chemicals and its easier to use. I encourage you to look into Spa Solution or the Spa Frog systems for your hot tub.

Once the water is back in the tub turn it on. If at first your system does not fire up, not to worry sometimes you will develop a air lock. This is a common thing when removing your hot tub water. Open a drain plug in your pump or open a union to allow a little water to expel. This should remove your air lock and normal operation will return.

Ah Awesome! a nice fresh start and another three months of great hot tubing is ahead!