Hot Tub makes a Perfect Saturday

As the boys get a little older the commitment to Saturday morning activities and sports is dwindling. I am the type of guy like most I am sure that wakes up and sees whats on the todo list for the day. With all the leaves still hanging on for dear life, I have nothing to rake. The garage is clean. I changed the hot tub water, cleaned the hot tub filters, and hot tub cover last weekend. So,to my surprise todays todo list was blank and I had a wide open Saturday.

Hot Tub spa evening At first I felt disoriented about my Saturday morning with nothing to do, but stiff & sore from the first week of my hack beer league hockey, it began to dawn on me, go jump into the spa. Traditionally I hop in the tub in the evening before bed, it helps with sleeping and hopping back out of bed in the morning. However, a Saturday mid morning hot tub just might be what the doctor ordered, and with all this free time I have been blessed with today what the heck! It ended up being a wonderful relaxing hot tub, and I admittedly stayed in a bit longer than I normally would. After today I have to recommend that a mid day tub it is fantastic and highly encouraged. To top off my Saturday of bliss I decided to follow the hot tub with a good healthy dose of college football and a beverage or two. What a perfect Saturday!

Please share when you jump in the spa evening or daytime? Let us know your preference. And what is your perfect Saturday?

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