Hot Tub Cover or Spa Cover Glossary of Terms

Hot Tub Cover or Spa Covers Glossary of Terms

Marine Grade vinyl 30oz – The vinyl used on most spa and hot tub covers, the vinyl is sprayed with UV and mildew inhibitors to protect the vinyl. The 30 oz refers to the thickness of the hot tub cover vinyl used, this thickness can vary.

Vapour Barrier – The thick plastic that is wrapped and heat sealed around foam inserts of a hot tub cover or spa cover to prevent water getting into the foam inserts of the spa or hot tub cover.

C-Channel – The metal or aluminum plate that adds structural support to the centre of the spa cover.

Bubble Cover – The blue bubble spa cover that floats on the water of the hot tub to help with heat loss and to prevent water absorption and chemical damage to the underside of the hard cover.

Breathable Underside – Breathable mesh on the underside of the hot tub cover which allows water to dissipate and is chlorine and bromine resistant

Double Stitched – This refers to double stitched threading on a hot tub cover used for added strength.

Double reinforced hinge – The reinforced hinge is in the centre of the spa cover where it folds to prevent tearing, and adds extra strength to the centre of the cover.

Energy Shield – Reflective grey underside of the cover to help repel water and chemical vapours back down into the hot tub water

Fibre Glass inserts – Panels used on top of the Walk On hot tub covers so the hot tub cover is strong enough to be walked on can hold up to 300lbs or the weight of two average sized adults.

Foam Inserts – The foam used inside the hot tub covers to give the covers insulation and weight resistance. The foam inserts for hot tub covers are often tapered for rain and debris runoff.

Gazebo handles – These are handles on the inside fold of the hot tub cover to help with removal of the cover from the hot tub.

Hinge – Centre of the hot tub cover where the cover folds in two

Handles – all covers come standard with 2 handles for easy removable of the hot tub cover

Hurricane Straps – long straps that crisscross over top of the cover and attach to the sides of the hot tub, ideal for covers in high wind areas

Regular Seam stoppers (2) – The two smaller padded pillows on the hinges of the hot tub cover found on either side of the seam to prevent heat loss.

Insulated Hinge/full length seam stopper– The full length pillowed hinge that runs from one end of the cover to the other to prevent heat loss throughout the centre of the hot tub cover.

Laminate Underside – Solid hot tub cover or spa cover underside normally grey or black in colour, with a weep hole to let water drain

Lifter Plates – The metal brackets installed in the cover for cover lifters that directly screw into the sides of the cover itself, Hotspring, Tiger River and Caldera use these.

Radius – The measurement required if hot tub has rounded corners. (Radius of rounded hot tub corners)

Skirt – The flap of material that hangs from the bottom of the hot tub cover

Split Skirt – Splits (cuts) in corners of the skirt

Speaker Bumps – The cut outs in the corners of the cover to make room for speakers on the hot tub that stick up above the acrylic on the hot tub

Strap Extenders – These are extensions for the tie down straps on a hot tub cover to make them longer.

Tie Down straps/Safety Straps (lockable) – Hot tub covers come with 2 or 4 lockable tie down straps to hold the cover down and prevent it from blowing off in high wind areas, they also childproof the hot tub cover to prevent children from getting in hot tub and drowning

Tri-Fold – A 3 section hot tub or spa cover, normally used for larger sized covers and hot tubs.

Vapour Barrier Seal – thicker plastic that is wrapped and heat sealed around foam inserts to further prevent water absorption

Waterlogged (water absorption) – This is when the plastic barrier around the foam inserts has been breached allowing water to soak into the foam inserts making the cover heavy and hard to lift

Cut Out – required if you have a control panel etc. that the cover would have to be modified for

ASTM Standards – means the cover is labelled as a safety cover and has 4 locking straps with all new hardware including keys.

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