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As the summer is winding down there are steps you can take to prepare your hot tub to be more efficient for the Fall and Winter months ahead. One of the best ways to prepare is making sure you have an appropriate hot tub cover to carry you through the colder months of the year. Hot tub covers traditionally last 3 – 7 years based on climate and use.If your hot tub cover or spa cover is not up to the challenge to go through a winter, you will significantly increase your cost for running the hot tub. Most hot tub owners know when their hot tub cover is on its last legs, but in case you are new to hot tubs here are the tell tale signs that you need a new hot tub cover this fall.

Top signs you need a new hot tub cover for the fall:

  1. broken hot tub coversYour hot tub cover weighs more then 100 lbs. (waterlogged)
  2. It takes more then one person to remove the spa cover. (waterlogged)
  3. Your hot tub cover is split in two. (wear & tear)
  4. You see more duck tape then your actual cover. (wear & tear)
  5. Your electricity bill keeps going up. (waterlogged)
  6. Your hot tub cover is disintegrating into your hot tub below. (chemical damage)
  7. Birds are floating in the pools of water on top of your cover. (wear & tear)
  8. Your hot tub cover has more rips and tears then designer jeans. (wear & tear)
  9. Your hot tub cover bent your hot tub cover lifter. (waterlogged)
  10. Your hot tub cover stands out like a sore thumb in your backyard. (wear & tear)

These tell tale signs that we have all seen are clear indicators that you need a new hot tub cover this Fall. These signs can be ignored but it will cost you more in the long run. Your energy costs to run your hot tub will increase, and your hot tub usage will decrease.

spa cover damageWith a new hot tub cover for the upcoming colder months you can count on a lower electric bill each month as your cover will significantly increase the insulation value making the hot tub run more efficiently. You can count on saving the cost of a new hot tub cover over just one winter season.

A new hot tub cover that weighs under 75 lbs. gives you the convenience of using your hot tub anytime you want and with little resistance. You can go back to the one person operation of removing and replacing your hot tub cover with ease. With your hot tub more accessible you will use your tub more and receive all the benefits of the hydrotherapy from your hot tub.

new hot tub cover by the cover guyLastly, aesthetically your new hot tub cover will give your backyard a new lease on life bringing back to its original glory. No more tears and rips, or duct tape. You can start to enjoy your backyard and hot tub again, maybe even invite some friends over to enjoy the hot tub as well.

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