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  • Why Hydraulic Lifter Covers Are Essential for Your Hot Tub

    You might need to learn about all the perks of installing a hydraulic spa cover lifter. The obvious one is it makes the hot tub cover easier to remove and put back on, but there’s lots more to it than that. Come take a look at the other benefits you’ll be privy to when you […]

  • Don’t Wait: Invest in a Spa Cover Lifter

    By buying a hot tub, you’ve made a commitment to your family’s leisure time and enjoyment. Think of your spa as an investment in your home and the quality time you and your family will spend there. As with any other investment, you want to ensure the best return on relaxation and value with your […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Different Hot Tub Cover Materials

    Hot tub covers are an investment, and a good cover can save real money for a hot tub owner by helping reduce the energy needed to heat the hot tub and keep the water cleaner. A poor quality, old, or broken hot tub cover will cost the owner money for the same reasons. Left long […]

  • Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub Cover

    After a stressful day, your hot tub is an oasis where you can rest, relax, and soak your cares away. A good spa tub can truly be a long-term investment in your well-being. Unfortunately, the tub will no longer make you feel good if you’re spending too much time keeping it clean.  To ensure your […]

  • When and How to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

    A hot tub cover isn’t just a good-looking accessory for a hot tub. A good quality cover traps in heat when the tub isn’t in use, lowering energy consumption and saving you money on heating the hot tub. It also prevents evaporation, which saves both time and money, protects your hot tub from the elements […]

  • How to Properly Drain Your Hot Tub

    A hot tub, a source of relaxation and family fun, can become a stressor if not adequately maintained. Like pools, hot tubs require regular upkeep to ensure clean water, which includes regular draining, cleaning, and refilling. Though it may seem daunting initially, maintaining your spa becomes a simple task with proper guidance. A Step-by-step guide […]

  • How to Avoiding Hot Tub Maintenance Pitfalls

    Even seasoned hot tub owners can unintentionally make maintenance missteps despite their experience and knowledge. These missteps might be small, but, over time, they can accumulate and cause issues that could affect the lifespan and functionality of your hot tub. This article will shed light on these common mistakes and how to avoid them in […]

  • Spring into Relaxation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening Your Hot Tub

    Hey there, hot tub lovers! As a hot tub cover connoisseur, I know only some people use their hot tub year-round. But with the arrival of warm, sunny days, it’s time to spring into relaxation and get your hot tub ready for the season. Follow this informative step-by-step guide to safely and efficiently reopen your […]

  • Hot Tub Trends of 2023

    Hello, hot tub lovers! Summer’s right around the corner, and as your hot tub cover source, we’re all about helping you create the most fabulous hot tub experience. After the stress and upheaval of recent years, self-care, mindfulness, wellness, and meditation are taking center stage in our lives. Hot tubs are an amazing tub option […]

  • Creating Your Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

    Hey there, fellow hot tub enthusiasts! Summer is on its way, and what better way to enjoy the season than by basking in your own personal hot tub. Have you ever wondered what makes hot tubs so incredibly relaxing? Let’s dive into the science behind hot tubs and relaxation, and explore how to create the […]

  • Create A Spa Experience with Aromatherapy Products

    Hot tubs are already the epitome of a relaxing experience. But it’s possible to take them to spa levels at home using aromatherapy products. You can’t use just any product though. Read on to learn how to create a safe, enjoyable experience that won’t wear away at the hot tub cover. How to choose hot […]

  • The Cover Guy’s Hot Tub Cover Options

    At The Cover Guy, there are a few options when choosing a hot tub cover. The right choice depends on your hot tub, the environment, and your needs. Find out what the main differences are here. Types of hot tub cover at The Cover Guy There are three main hot tub cover models to find […]

  • Guide: How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

    Hot tubs don’t clean themselves, as much as we might hope they did. Even with occasional chemicals added, there’s more to it to create a lasting, comfortable, and healthy experience. It’s just as important that the inner workings (like the filter) are clean. Find out why it’s so important to clean your hot tub and […]

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    Spa And Hot Tub Information

    We’ve covered almost as many hot tub-related topics in our Backyard Blast articles as we’ve covered tubs. Well, not really, but you get our point. We figured that it’s been a while since we got back to basics and talked about things like – why would you even want a spa or hot tub? What […]

  • Hot Tub Rash, And How To Treat It

    Today, we want to talk about something that is normally only spoken of in hushed whispers throughout the hot tub community, because let’s face it: no one even wants to think about hot tub rash. It’s uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and entirely unpleasant. In short, it has the potential to ruin your enjoyment of either your […]

  • Your Guide On Hot Tub Maintenance

    Regular hot tub maintenance is a key part of ensuring that your hot tub continues to last and perform optimally for years to come. Caring for your new hot tub doesn’t take a ton of time, effort, or previous experience to be done right. This blog will cover the basics of the common question of […]

  • How Much Is A Hot Tub Cover

    If you’re considering purchasing a new hot tub cover, one of the first things you may be wondering is “how much is a hot tub cover?” – thankfully you’ve come to the right place. This blog will break down how much you can expect to pay for a hot tub cover, as well as other […]

  • Why You Need A Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    When you’re in the middle of buying a hot tub cover, you may be wondering why you need a hot tub cover lifter. Worry no more – this blog will explain what a hot tub cover is, the different types of hot tub cover lifters, how to use a hot tub cover lifter, and finally […]