Protecting Your Hot Tub Cover From Snow and Ice

Are you wondering how you can protect your cover this winter? Our Cover Caps are made from tough, durable woven polyethylene and are designed to protect your hot tub and hot tub cover from harsh winter conditions like heavy snow, wind and ice.

The Hot Tub Cover Cap will also protect your hot tub from intense sun and UV rays in the summer.

“I’m in California and The Cover Guy Cap is paying for itself by keeping the UV rays from tearing up the dark brown vinyl my cover is made of. It also keeps the rain out and prevents the sun’s rays from really doing damage over time. Plus it’s so easy to replace it when its worn out. The elastic actually holds it tight as well to keep the wind from reeking havoc. The Cover Guy Cap is outstanding! Cheers on a good product.” – Customer Name

The Hot Tub Cover Cap comes in standard sizes with an option of a 12″, or 38″ skirt. The 12″ skirt comes with an elastic hem and is easy to put on and remove. Use the 12″ skirt if you are using your hot tub daily. The 38″ skirt model comes with a rope and tie system and is perfect if you are closing the hot tub for the winter. The 38″ skirt protects both the spa and cabinet from winter weather damage. We also offer a new round or octagon cover cap for covers 84″ or smaller.

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