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Hot Tub and Spa Water Chemistry

Chlorine Kit

Here at The Cover Guy we’re frequently getting questions about water chemistry. Maintaining the water chemistry in your hot tub is easy once you understand a few water chemistry basics. Here is our no-nonsense overview:

Overview: The two main components that affect water quality are sanitizers and pH levels. As long as your sanitizer and pH level are in an acceptable range, your water will be clear and comfortable.

Sanitizer. As the name suggests, sanitizers keep the water clean by killing bacteria. There are two types of sanitizers: chlorine and bromine. Bromine is gentler on the skin than chlorine, making it a better choice for individuals with sensitive skin. Chlorine, however, is more economical.

Test the sanitizer levels of your water every few days. A healthy range is 3-5 ppm (parts per million). If your sanitizer level is too high, add more water to dilute the levels or do a partial drain and refill. If your sanitizer level is too low, add more sanitizer accordingly. 

Alkalinity level. The alkalinity level of your water affects your pH balance. Alkalinity should range between 125-150ppm.  Check your alkalinity before you check your pH balance. This will help you reach a healthy pH balance.

pH Balance. Your pH levels should range between 7.2 -7.6. If your pH is too low, the water will become acidic, which isn’t comfortable to your skin or good for your hot tub. Likewise, if your pH is too high, scaling may form. To lower your pH, use a pH decreaser and to raise your pH levels use a pH increaser. Keeping your pH in the correct range you also help you maintain proper calcium levels.Calcium hardness: Be sure to check for calcium hardness regularly, particularly if you life in an area with “hard” or “soft” water. The preferred calcium hardness range is between 100-200ppm.
If your calcium levels are too high, add more water to the hot tub to dilute the levels. However, if your calcium levels are too low, add a calcium increaser. If may also be advantageous to consult a local hot tub dealer in your area for recommendations regarding the water in your area.

Conclusion: We recommend using a hot tub test kit to test your sanitation levels, pH balance, alkalinity levels and calcium hardness.

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