Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Hot Tub Cover Thickness – What is the best for my Hot Tub?

    Hot Tub Cover Thickness – What is the best for my Hot Tub? Our best selling Deluxe spa cover is best for almost any climate you’ll find in North America

  • The Cover Guy Custom Oversized Hot Tub Covers

    The Cover Guy has been building hot tub covers and spa covers for over 30 years and has a great knowledgeable staff that will help you design the perfect hot tub cover for your tub or swim spa.

  • Hot Tub Pump Motor Capacitor Repair

    There is nothing worse then going out to your hot tub to have a soothing soak in the warm waters only to find out that your hot tub or spa shutdown at some point and is no longer working. This can happen for a number of reasons and is sometimes a quick fix like a […]

  • Hot Tub Problems (Top 10)

    Looking to make the best summer for your spa? Here are ten common hot tub problems you will want to check for before performing routine maintenance this season.

  • QCA Spas Error Codes and Information

    There are multiple customization options available for each QCA Spas product, including a sound system, LED lighting and a waterfall. The Soft Touch Control System makes it easy to change settings during the hot tub experience.

  • What Destroys Hot Tub Covers – What can I do to Save Our Cover?

    What destroys hot tub covers? That is one question we receive everyday from our hot tub cover customers. Why don’t they last longer? There are many reasons for covers to break down.

  • MAAX Spas Industries Corp Error Codes & Information

    MAAX Spas Industries Corp MAAX Spas Industries Corp was founded in 1969, and their products are carried in showrooms across North America and Europe. In 2007, MAAX Spas was named one of the five biggest spa and hot tub firms in North America. One year later, they joined the Brookfield family, and this made them […]

  • How to Remove a Stuck Hot Tub Filter

    The best ways to remove a stuck hot tub filter, and the best ways to avoid having your hot tub cartridge filter being stuck.

  • New Hot Tub Cover for the Fall and Winter

    One of the best ways to prepare is making sure you have an appropriate hot tub cover to carry you through the colder months of the year.

  • Hot Tub Power Pak Repair

    A hot tub will trip for a number of reasons from as simple as a dirty filter to a ceased pump. Whatever the issue you can always repair a hot tub power pak.

  • Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Error Codes & Information

    Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, headquartered in Chino, California, holds more than 250 patents. They have Eco-friendly models & offer advanced hydrotherapy options.

  • How to change the Filter Mode on a Dream Maker Spa

    To change between each filter mode on a Dream maker Spa first push either the decrease or increase temperature button followed by the light button which will put you into the mode selection

  • Leisure Bay Spas Hot Tubs & Information

    Leisure Bay Spas has been building hot tubs for over thirty years and has a range of hot tubs built on quality and new innovations in the hot tub market.

  • Beachcomber Hot Tubs Error Codes & Information

    Beachcomber Hot tubs has been selling products since 1978, and they offer many innovative spa design options and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Cal Spas Error Codes & Information

    Cal Spas was founded in 1979, and they currently offer more than 250 product models. They have also been honored with numerous industry awards.

  • Bullfrog Spas Error Codes & Information

    Bullfrog Spas is part of Bullfrog International. The Utah-based company has been making products since 1996, and they have won more than 30 industry awards. We have all Bullfrog hot tub error codes available here.

  • Arctic Spas Error Codes & Information

    Arctic Spas Arctic Spas has been manufacturing innovative hot tub designs for more than 20 years. The owners take a small town approach to delivering products that are high quality because they all have roots in rural Canadian communities. This manufacturer places a big emphasis on making hot tubs that require a minimal amount of […]

  • No More Headaches with Spa Solution!

    There is nothing worse than having your hot tub water go stinky, cloudy, or abrasive I know because it has all happened to me at one point or another with my hot tub. These problems have become a thing of the past for my hot tub since I started using of Spa Solution.