Hot Tub Maintenance

  • How To Make Your Hot Tub Eco-Friendly with Enzymes

    Whether you’re passionate about green living or you would just like to reduce the amount of chlorine and/or bromine in your hot tub, enzymes are the answer! Natural, non-toxic enzymes can function as your sanitizer’s sidekick, allowing you to reduce sanitizers naturally and also improve the clarity of your water. Sanitizers without enzyme sidekicks have […]

  • Guide to disposing hot tub covers – Breaking down to Reuse or Recycle

    Looking for a way to dispose of your old hot tub cover finds tips here.

  • Leaking Hot Tub and How to Fix it

    Hot tub leaks can be fixed easily. It is important to check your hot tub for leaks and make repairs to a leaking hot tub before the problem gets worse.

  • 4 Components to Water Quality

    There are 4 components of water chemistry that affect your water quality: sanitizer, total alkalinity, pH balance and calcium hardness. All of these components must be kept at a certain level if you want to achieve clear and comfortable water in your hot tub. Here are the appropriate levels for each: Chlorine (Chl) 3-5 ppm […]

  • Preventing Your Cover From Sun-Damage & UV Rays

    Worried about what the harsh sun does to hot tub covers in the summer? The Cover Guy has developed an easy (and effortless!) way to protect your cover from UV Rays. Hot Tub Cover Caps are specifically designed to protect your cover and hot tub from damaging UV rays. “I’m in California and The Cover […]

  • Make Your Hot Tub a Cool Tub This Summer!

    Too hot for hot water? No problem! The Cover Guy has an easily way you can turn your hot tub into a cool tub. Make your hot tub one of the best places to cool off and enjoy the relaxation benefits year-round. Turning your hot tub into a cool tub is easy and quick! All you […]

  • Can I use a pool filter with my hot tub?

    You ask. The Cover Guy answers: Can I use a pool filter with my hot tub? Unfortunately no. Pool filters are different from hot tub filters.   Have a question about your hot tub or your hot tub cover lifter? Leave a comment and we’ll answer!