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Hot Tub Filters: How to clean?

While tending to the regular maintenance of your hot tub, it is also important to remember to clean your hot tub filter. The filter must be kept free of debris, dirt, and sediment that can otherwise keep it from functioning correctly. If the filter is blocked by dirt, water may be unable to pass through and as such, the contaminants found in your water will not be removed. 

Good to know:

If the hot tub filter is blocked, the pump may be strained and your power supply may shut down.

A blocked filter may also affect the clarity and cleanliness of the hot tub’s water which is unhealthy for the hot tub user. 

Why clean a hot tub filter? 

Your filter is an essential element in keeping your water clear and clean. The filter:

  • Captures dirt and oils found in the water
  • Reduces the need for more chemicals
  • Protects the pump and other parts from damage caused by the accumulation of debris in the water
  • Over time, may help save money in the overall cost of hot tub maintenance

How to clean a hot tub filter?

To ensure your hot tub filter is working optimally, a filter should:

  • Remove all dirt and debris
  • Remove all oils, sediments and bacteria

You should be cleaning your filter regularly with a non-greasy cleaner (specific for filters) and use a wand or cleaner tool that will help you remove additional built up dirt. This will help eliminate more dirt and sediment than simply rinsing the filter with water. 

Once every three months or so, you should be deep cleaning your filter by rinsing it and soaking it to help remove built up dirt and debris. 

How to deep clean your hot tub filter?

  1. Rinse your filter during your regular cleaning schedule
  2. Let it soak overnight in a solution of water and a filter-specific non-foaming cleaner 
  3. Rinse it again
  4. Let the filter dry
  5. Reinstall the filter in your hot tub
Hot tub maintenance

What equipment is needed to clean your filter?

Filter Cleaners

A filter cleaner is an easy way to ensure a quick clean. 

Good to know:

Rinsing your hot tub filter with a simple garden hose will take you more time and will not provide as thorough a clean. Think about investing in a filter cleaning tool instead. 

How does it work? Attached to the garden hose, a filter cleaner can help clean and remove dirt and debris lodged in between the pleats and folds of the filter while the water rinses the filter thoroughly. 

How to clean your filter with a filter cleaner?

  1. Remove the filter from the hot tub
  2. Rinse it thoroughly with the filter cleaner. No soap is required for this. 
  3. Thoroughly clean in between the pleats and folds of the filter to remove any dirt deposits. (A good filter cleaner will separate the pleats and remove the built up dirt easily.) 
  4. Once cleaned, reinstall the filter in the hot tub

Water Wand Filter Cleaner

Reduce your cleaning time by 50% with the water wand. This is a simple garden hose attachment that will help speed up your cleaning time and get in between the filter’s pleats with its 8 nozzles to remove the built-up dirt.

Scum Ball or foam and scum remover

How does it work?

The foam and scum remover absorbs and removes bodily oils, makeup, chemical odors, dead skin, and bacteria. This will help the filter maintain the hot tub’s water and also help stabilize the pH level. 

The Cover Guy Scum Ball

Extend the time between two cleanings! The Cover Guy Scum Ball attracts and absorbs oils, dirt, and lotions floating in the water.