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Hot Tub Questions – Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

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Hot Tub Questions – What is the weekly hot tub maintenance?
We are always being asked what is involved in maintaining a hot tub by new or prospective hot tub owners. Doing weekly maintenance on your hot tub will reduce the risk for repairs later, and ensure you have the cleanest, and most comfortable hot tub possible.

Shocks. Most hot tubs or spas need to be shocked once per week. “Shocking your water” means you are using a high concentration of bromine or chlorine to remove or burn off the bacteria and organic matter from the water. Shocking the water keeps the water clean and comfortable. Just remember to remove your hot tub cover completely and leave it off for one hour after adding shocks to the water.clean hot tub

Clean filter. Remove your hot tub filters and rinse it off using high pressure water or a filter cleaner wand. This will wash away any debris and ensure your hot tub or spa  filter works properly. You also want to chemically clean the filter once per month with a filter cleaner and degreaser. This will prolong the life of your filter and keep it working to its full potential. To save time, clean your filter while you’re shocking the water.

Change your Water. You will want to change your water every 30 – 90 days depending on the amount and type of usage. If your water exceeds 1500 TDS you will want to change your hot tub water as well.

Check Overall Cleanliness. Hot tubs need a good scrub down every now and then. Check the inside walls of your hot tub and examine your hot tub or spa cover weekly. Clean away calcium, grit, grime and debris as necessary using specially-formulated hot tub cleaners.
Test you hot tub water. You will want to check and test your hot tub water 2 to 3 times per week and make sure your levels are in line. Having your hot tub chemicals off will breakdown many hot tub parts such as seals, pumps, hot tub covers, jets, and hot tub filters.

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