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Hot Tubs: Getting Started

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Hot Tubs: Getting Started

Whether you’ve just bought a new hot tub or you’re using your hot tub after a long period of inactivity, there are a few things you need to do before you can jump in:

  1. Add a stain. If your hot tub is new, consider adding a stain which will help protect the hot tub.
  2. Add a scale inhibitor. As the name suggests, an inhibitor neutralizes the water. Water has trace metals and minerals in it which can affect the hot tub water. An inhibitors helps protect your hot tub.  We recommend Spa Metal Gon.
  3. Balance Alkalinity and pH. Your water must reach a specific pH Balance and Total Alkalinity level before you can get. Plus, a properly maintained total alkalinity (TA) and pH balance will prevent corrosion and ensure maximum comfort. We recommend Alkalinity Up or Spa Down/ Spa Up.
  4. Balance Calcium Hardness. Your water much reach a certain calcium hardness level. A properly maintained calcium level will prevent foaming and corrosion. We recommend Calcium Booster.
  5. Add a water clarifier. Water contains tiny particles of matter that are so small they slip through the filters. If enough of these particles are present the water will become cloudy. For the clearest, cleanest looking water, add a water clarifier which will coagulate the small particles, allowing them to be removed by the filter. We recommend Bright & Clear.
  6. Balance sanitizers. Sanitizers, as the name suggests, keeps your water clean by killing bacteria and controlling organic wastes. We recommend Chlorinating Granules or Bromine/Bromide for those with sensitive skin.


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