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New Hot Tub Cover ~ When is it Time for a New One?

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One of the questions we hear the most at The Cover Guy is when do we replace our hot tub cover? Sometimes, it’s very obvious when a new hot tub cover needs to be ordered. The old spa cover is ripped, broken or torn. However, there is other important elements to a hot tub cover than just the cosmetics, and unfortunately its sometimes harder to recognize these issues within your hot tub covers.

Its time for a new hot tub cover when the following applies:

  1.  The hot tub cover is ripped, broken or torn and is not repealing precipitation anymore.
  2.  The hot tub cover weighs 100 lbs. or more.
  3. The seam of the hot tub cover is coming apart
  4.  The under side of the hot tub cover is delaminating
  5. The cost of heating your hot tub has risen

If your spa cover is over 100 lb.. it is most likely saturated, and there is no repair for this except new foam inserts or a new tub cover. If not replaced your hot tub running costs will sky rocket, and you or a family member could hurt themselves removing the tub cover. To prevent saturation of your spa cover foam inserts it is important to always clean precipitation and debris away, and the most important thing to keep in check is your chemical balance. If your chemicals are to acidic or excessive your hot tub cover will breakdown quickly.

Hot tub cover before and after pictures

If your middle seam of your Spa Cover is separating it usually indicates your hot tub cover is saturated. The other issue with a separated seam in your hot tub is your chemicals will be hard to balance if rainwater is entering your hot tub.

Lastly, if your spa cover is delaminating it is time for a new hot tub cover. You will be able to see flecks of material on top of your water or in your hot tub filter. Once a hot tub covers underside starts to delaminate its time to order a new hot tub cover.

Replacing your cover when it looks bad is obvious. So when its torn, broken and ripped its time for a new spa cover based on not only aesthetics but on the cost of running your hot tub as well. The information you will need to know when your going to replace your old hot tub cover with a new cover is color and dimensions. The Color is easy just pick what goes best with your hot tub space. The measuring is not that difficult either especially if you follow The Cover Guy hot tub cover measuring guide.

The most important jobs your hot tub cover does for you is maintain a good insulating value, keeping the debris out, and of course make your backyard look aesthetically pleasing. If your hot tub cover is failing in anyone of these points its time to order a new hot tub cover.

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