Deluxe Hot Tub Cover



  • 5″ – 3″ tapered foam for rain, ice, and snow runoff.
  • 150-200 lbs. weight resistance per linear foot.
  • Environmentally friendly CFC-free foam with ozone layer protection.
  • Highest density foams for heavy loads and harsh weather durability.
  • Reinforced stitching with over 20 internal points.
  • Cut skirt.
  • UV and mildew-resistant marine-grade vinyl.
  • Enhanced with aluminum stiffener down the center for added strength.
  • Zero water absorption technology.
  • Double-reinforced folding hinge and tear-free handles.
  • 4 lockable child safety straps for added security.
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The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover is North America’s #1 selling replacement hot tub cover. Crafted with excellence, this cover outperforms all others, keeping your hot tub warm and energy efficient. Designed to withstand harsh winters and save on energy costs, the Deluxe is the ideal choice for any climate condition.