The Cover Guy Chlorine Hot Tub Kit – Natural Phosphate Free.



This kit features No Phos. No Phos is the most effective way to remove phosphates from your hot tub and spa water. It’s formulated from high quality ingredients including Lanthanum (natural rare earth compounds) to keep your phosphate levels low while reducing the need for chemical maintenance.

Phosphates will occur over time as dirt from our bodies (oils, perfume, cream, etc.) are added to the water.  Once there are phosphates in the spa water, your sanitizer will have a harder time being as effective with these phosphates in the way.When The Cover Guy No Phos is added prior to your weekly maintenance,  your spa water will be able to flow through the filter and the phosphates can be reduced to a very low level.  This will increase the time between dumping your water and will allow your sanitizer to be more effective the natural way.

This kit also includes Chlorine sanitizer (you will still need a sanitizer when you use No Phos) plus everything you need to start-up and run a well maintained, clean and chemically balanced hot tub.


  • No Phos 500ml TCG
  • Chlorine Granular 800gm TCG
  • Chlorine Spa Tablets 800gm TCG
  • Chlorine Tablet Floater
  • Spa Shock 1kg TCG
  • Stain & Scale 500ml TCG
  • Alkalinity Booster 750gm TCG
  • PH Up 750gm TCG
  • PH Down 1kg TCG
  • 4 Way Test Strips TCG