Alkalinity Booster 750gm TCG




The Cover Guy Alkalinity Booster for hot tubs and spas raises the Total Alkalinity (TA) of your water. The alkalinity booster will also help increase low pH to appropriate levels. It also reduces the possibility of corrosion of hot tub equipment. The booster will also lessen damage to hot tub pumps and heating elements. This product is a buffering agent in the water which reduces pH fluctuations.  Proper pH levels will optimize the effectiveness of bromine, chlorine, and other sanitizers. This product quickly dissolves and is optimized for hot tub and spa water. Alkalinity Booster is able to raise TA, without raising pH too high.

Alkalinity Booster

  • Quick-dissolving
  • Perfect for hot tubs and spas
  • Raises Total Alkalinity
  • Buffers pH, reducing fluctuation
  • Increases the effectiveness of sanitizers