PH Up 750gm TCG




The Cover Guy knows how important the pH level is in your hot tub. It is vital for the life span of your hot tub cover to keep both your pH and alkalinity levels perfect. With pH UP from The Cover Guy, hot tub owners can make sure their pH level is always at the perfect range.

The Cover Guy pH UP raises your pH level in your hot tub or spa water. pH level in a hot tub or spa should be between 7.2 and 7.8 to best suit sanitizer effectiveness, bather comfort, corrosion, cloudy water and scaling.

To adjust your pH levels your alkalinity has to be in the correct range of 80 – 120 PPM so make sure this is stable before adjusting your pH. Check out our Alkalinity Booster in our chemicals section if you need to adjust your total alkalinity.

Hot Tub Maintenance notes:

Make sure to do water checks with TCG Chlorine/Bromine Test Strips weekly. It is vital to make sure your hot tub water is balanced. When you balance hot tub water, you should always set the total alkalinity first. When it is set then you can raise or lower the pH to the appropriate range. Keeping the total alkalinity within range will buffer the pH and prevent pH fluctuations.