Chlorine Spa Tabs 800gm TCG




The Cover Guy Chlorine Spa Tabs are specially formulated for hot tub and spa water. They provide a concentrated source of active chlorine and are ideal for sanitizing. These tablets dissolve slowly and fit in most spa feeders and floaters. Chlorine tablets provide continuous disinfection of your spa meaning less maintenance.

All hot tub chlorine levels should be maintained from 1-3ppm.

Hot Tub & Spa Sanitizing
Hot tub water is a friendly environment for bacteria and algae growth. Hot tub owners must always be aware of the sanitizer residual in their hot tubs. A sanitizer is an chemical agent which reduces the level of micro-organisms to safe levels. Sanitizers will kill bacteria and algae in your hot tub, leaving your hot tub water clean and inviting for your family. Chlorine has been used to sanitize hot tubs and swimming pools for a long time with great success. Some customers have greater success with chlorine over other sanitizing agents like bromine.