Hot Tub


  • Fully Loaded
  • 26 powerful BDS series stainless-steel jets
  • Seating for up to 6
  • LED backlit digital display
  • All season 5.5kw heater
  • 2HP, 2 speed pump
  • Plug n play, standard 120V but can easily be converted to 220-240V, 60Hz, 15Amp
  • 3 ergonomic comfort pillows
  • 16 mini, 12V/12W ambient LED lighting
  • 78” x 78 wide” x 30.75” height
  • Mat gray cabinet and silver marble acrylic shell
  • HD foam insulation and ABS base
  • Built in ozone system
  • Fixed surround Bluetooth speakers
  • Gentle cascading waterfall
  • Insulating cover and step included choice of Grey or Brown


The Cover Guy wellness introduces The Tub.  This fully loaded hot tub provides your own oasis to allow the body to relax in warm water while being massaged by comfortable jets and relax your head on one of the 3 built-in pillows.

The Cover Guy Wellness Tubs are easy to install as they can simply be unwrapped, placed, and then plugged into any 120vt household outlet.  Simply plug in, lay back, and relax.

The Cover Guy Wellness Tub seats up to 6 adults comfortably.

This tub includes 26 jets powered by a 2HP, 2-speed pump that can be controlled by a LED backlit display pad.

The Cover Guy Wellness Tub includes 26 mini LED lights, a cascading gentle waterfall, and a Bluetooth speaker system to create your perfect oasis.

This tub is a 78” square and 30.75” in height.  It has a water capacity of 221 gallons and weights 600lbs dry.  The Cover Guy Wellness tub is built with HD foam for maximum heat efficiency.

Matching cover and step included in your choice of Grey or Brown.