Massage Gun


  • Deep tissue, handheld massage gun
  • 6 detachable heads for different muscle groups
  • 30 adjustable speeds
  • Digital, touchless control display
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Weights less than 2.5lbs


New to The Cover Guy Wellness line is our Massage Gun.  This lightweight massage gun will work out knots and tension in your muscles while improving blood flow and reducing the risk of exercise injury.  When used accordingly this massage gun can reduce injury healing time while relieving pain.  The digital touch screen display will accurately show the speed and power.  Each one of the 6, interchangeable, heads will target a muscle group to provide the best possible massage.

  • Spade Head –skeletal muscles
  • Thumb Head—Soft tissue
  • Round Head – back
  • U-Shaped Head – neck, spine and achilleas tendon
  • Cone Head –deep tissues such as joints, and soles
  • Short Head –every muscle

All accessories come neatly packed in its own carrying case including the massage gun, 6 heads, manual charger and spare parts.