Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Tips for creating a custom hot tub pad

    Creating a hot tub pad is always a good idea, as it will prevent uneven sinkage and damage to the bottom of the spa and ensure long life to your tub.

  • How to Fill Your Hot Tub

    Before you fill your hot tub, property of the water including the amount of metal present in it is to be checked for the long life of your tub and plumbing.

  • Hot Tub Filters 101

    It can be tempting to cut corners in order to save pennies after making the initial financial splurge of your first hot tub, but there are some areas that you simply must not skimp on. One of those areas, is your hot tub’s filter. We want to give you a Hot Tub Filters 101 to help […]

  • Hot Tub Accessories for 2013

    Everybody knows hot tubs are amazing as they are, but with a few functional, stylish, and just plain-old-fun additions, you can make yours even better! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite hot-tub accessories and toys of 2013? 1) Spa Umbrella by SunBrella This Spa Umbrella spans 9 feet and sits on a […]

  • Why you should get a hot tub cover cap

    The primary purpose of a hot tub cover is to protect your unit from debris and animals when not in use.  But these covers also add aesthetic value to your backyard deck, so it is important to protect the actual cover from outdoor elements as well. A hot tub cover cap ensures that your investment […]

  • What is the price of a good hot tub cover?

    Hot tub covers or Spa covers come in varying degrees of quality and thickness. So what does a good hot tub cover cost? Although thickness of a spa cover is a determining price factor, foam density can have a great impact on price as well.

  • What Hot Tub Cover Color is Available?

    The Cover Guy one of the leading suppliers of hot tub covers in North America and Europe carries the 10 most popular spa cover colors

  • Order your hot tub cover in just 5 easy steps

    The Cover Guy knows your time is precious.  That’s why we’ve streamlined the entire ordering process. Choosing a hot tub cover has never been easier and more fun!  Our custom-ordering portal allows you to “build” your cover exactly the way you want it! In just 5 easy steps, you’re on your way to owning a beautiful […]

  • How much does a hot tub seat cost?

    Hot tub seats are a great way to give you some added height, especially while sitting in deep crevices.  These items are cushioned, essentially acting as a water-proof booster seat. They can be purchased relatively cheaply online for just under $20.00.  From foam to plastic, hot tub seats come in a variety of materials.  Its […]

  • Can you walk on a hot tub cover?

    A high-quality cover is an absolute necessity in maintaining your hot tub.These covers protect your unit from outdoor debris and animals. They are also a great way to ensure that kids stay out of the hot tub when not under your supervision. Hot tub covers come in various colours and sizes. Our covers are made […]

  • Can babies go in a hot tub?

    As enjoyable as the hot tub may be for adults, the experience can be quite harmful for babies. Doctors tell pregnant women to avoid hot tubs during pregnancy. Baby’s body does not have the ability to account for temperature shifts the way an adult can.

  • How Much Does A Hot Tub Pump Cost To Replace?

    One of the most common problems with aging hot tubs is a malfunctioning pump.  Pumps usually consist of two components:  the wet end and the dry end.  The wet end contains an impeller that moves the water around.  Meanwhile, the dry end is made up of an electric motor that actually rotates the impeller.  When […]

  • How Much Is a Used Hot Tub’s Worth/Value?

    There are several reasons why you may want to get rid of your used hot tub.  Perhaps you’re in the market for a new one.  Or maybe you’ve sold your house and the new owner has requested you remove the tub before he moves in.  Regardless, many clients ask us how much their used hot […]

  • How Should I Get Rid Of A Used Hot Tub?

    Our customers often ask us the best way to get rid of a used hot tub.  In our opinion, there is always a market for used appliances.  There are often hundreds of consumers in any given region looking for a hot tub.  And many of them are open to paying a reasonable price, given that […]

  • How to Avoid Heatstroke in a Hot Tub

    Although hot tubs are a fabulous way to spend time with loved ones, the experience can become unpleasant if certain precautions are not taken.  The water’s intense heat can cause health problems for some, with heatstroke being the most common occurrence. Heatstroke happens when internal body organs heat up and stop working properly.  Sweat naturally […]

  • How to Avoid Sunburn in a Hot Tub

    The hot tub is a great way to relieve stress and promote relaxation — all while enjoying the outdoor air.  Although many users like to sit in a warm tub during a cool spring night, there is nothing quite like enjoying the experience on a bright, sunny day.  Having a cold drink while soaking up […]

  • How to Build a Custom Hot Tub

    A customized hot tub is a fabulous addition to any home and can instantly add value to your property.  Although there are many companies that will install a hot tub and design the surrounding area for you, there is no reason why you can’t build your own if you have the skills to pull it […]

  • Setting up your New Hot Tub, Don’t Forget a Quality Cover

    When you first install a brand new hot tub, you are probably thinking of how relaxing the experience will be. After all, at this point you have finally decided on the perfect hot tub shape and size, the best location, and how to take care of the water. The next major thing you have to […]