Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Finding the Right Location for your Hot Tub

    Purchasing your hot tub is only half of the battle. The next challenge is finding the perfect location that will not only ensure that your hot tub is as much out of the weather as possible, but also magnifies peace and relaxation. The first thing you should consider is accessibility. You want to put your […]

  • Tips for a Long-Lasting Spa Cover

    Anybody that owns a spa knows how important it is to purchase a durable spa cover. However, no matter how promising the retailer’s sales pitch is if you don’t take care of your spa cover then it will not last as long as most retailers expect it to. Here are a few quick tips to […]

  • How a Hot Tub can Release Stress

    In order to ensure that your hot tub is releasing the most stress possible, it is important that you make sure that your hot tub is really suitable for you.

  • How Much Time Does it Take to Maintain a Hot Tub?

    Before purchasing a hot tub, it is important to consider how much responsibility goes along with maintaining it. While none of the functions that you must complete are necessarily time consuming, they are things that you must do on a regular basis. Check Water It is absolutely critical that you keep an eye on what […]

  • How Long Should a Spa Cover Last?

    It’s important to examine the potential problems in order to learn how best to avoid them and make your spa cover have a longer lifespan.

  • Why you might want to consider a Hot Tub Cover Cap

    We all know hot tubs can be a great way to spend the evening. Relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work is just what most people need to feel comfortable and at ease, but a hot shower and bath simply cannot compare to a good-old fashioned dip in a hot tub. That being […]

  • Why it’s a good idea to have a booster seat

    If you own a hot tub and have small children, one product you need to have is a booster seat. Much like those which are made for automobiles, a hot tub booster seat is essential for giving your child the support they need while in the water. Although hot tubs are kid-friendly for the most […]

  • Hot tub 101 for the first time hot tub owner

    Welcome to The Cover Guy hot tub 101 to help you get through the basics of owning a hot tub or spa.

  • Hey Scum Ball… have you tried it for your hot tub?

    If you own a hot tub, you know it doesn’t take long for muck and grime to buildup inside of it. The water in hot tubs is actually quite delicate and needs to be constantly maintained to prevent the growth of bacteria and harmful contaminants that can cause damage to the machine and to people […]

  • To clean or replace your hot tub filter

    Your hot tub’s filter is its lifeline. This small device can make or break your investment, so keeping an eye on its condition is very important. Over time, filters accumulate dirt and grime buildup due to the constant straining process they perform to keep contaminants out of the water and out of the internal components […]

  • How to prevent Hot Tub Folliculitis

    Hot tub folliculitis, more commonly known as hot tub rash, is an annoying condition that can cause severe discomfort to the sufferer. As enjoyable and relaxing as a hot tub session can be, it is important to remember that skin irritation is common. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have sensitive skin to […]

  • How often should you test your hot tub water?

    Owning a hot tub is a lot of responsibility. If treated the right way, these machines can offer endless hours of entertainment and relaxation. However, if neglected, they can easily turn into a money pit. One of the easiest and most effective maintenance routines is testing the pH balance of the water. Hot tub water […]

  • Weekly maintenance hot tub checklist

    If you own a hot tub, it is imperative that you maintain it. Taking the time to inspect and service your tub once a week is the best thing you can do to keep it running well, as well as to prevent potential damage. To make the process easy and to be consistent in your […]

  • The top 5 ways your hot tub can get damaged

    Hot tubs are great for recreation; it is no wonder many people consider them the ultimate personal relaxation device. While they may be perfect for soothing aching muscles (or just having fun); these machines can be damaged like any other. If you own a hot tub, you owe to it yourself to keep it running […]

  • How long does a typical hot tub last?

    Hot tubs have long been a source of recreation and relaxation for many people. Buying one can be a real pleasure, but you may wonder how long this investment will last you. Will it be something that you need to replace a few years down the road? Can you afford to spend X amount of […]

  • Spa Cover Lifters Installation

    Spa Cover Lifters Installing a spa cover lifter is a quick and easy process. It should take under an hour. Tools for the Job An increasing number of hot tub cover lifters can be attached without any power tools whatsoever. These typically come with attachable clamps or under mount brackets. If possible, buy a cover lifter […]

  • How Often Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter?

    The short answer is that you should replace them once a year. Here’s why: 1. Your filter protects other internal components. When your filter is brand spanking new, it is a very fine mesh. Almost nothing that isn’t water gets through it. But, as your filter gets older, larger and larger holes get opened in […]

  • Hot Tub Safety: What You Need to Know

    Hot tubs are great, but can be dangerous. Here are some basic things you need to know. Hot Tubs and Children: Caution and Supervision Children have a very high surface area to volume ratio and so they overheat much faster. They are also less likely to realize that they are suffering from heat stroke and […]