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Hot Tub Accessories for 2013

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Everybody knows hot tubs are amazing as they are, but with a few functional, stylish, and just plain-old-fun additions, you can make yours even better! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite hot-tub accessories and toys of 2013?

Spa Umbrella by SunBrella 1) Spa Umbrella by SunBrella
This Spa Umbrella spans 9 feet and sits on a base that can easily be attached to your hot tub. It’s perfect for protecting you from both the rainy showers of April, and the sweltering heat of the July sun! It also has the double function of protecting not only you, but also your hot tub from weather damage.
Under Water Light Show Fountain 2) Under Water Light Show Fountain by Aqua Glow

This great gadget is exactly what it sounds like: a dramatic fountain that lets out an impressive stream of water and an even more impressive multi-coloured light show. If you’re planning on hosting any parties this summer, then this fun add-on is a sure way to make your event one to remember.
Spa Side Towel Rack

3) Spa Side Towel Rack

Even on the warmest of summer days, there’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as having to run from the warmth of your hot tub to wherever your towel is waiting before you can try on. This handy rack fastens directly onto your tub exterior’s to make sure your towel is always within reach!
Floating Cup Holders 4) Floating Cup Holders

Is there a better way to enjoy a summer night than in your hot tub with some ice cold beverages? Keep your hands free and don’t worry about dropping your drink with some floating cup holders. We love these tropical inspired inflatable ones from Go Pong! Just make sure you make sure to write your names’ on your drinks, because they’re sure to make the rounds in your hot tub!
5) Proper Hot Tub Cover

   It might not be as “fun” as some of our other suggestions, but a proper cover is a crucial accessory for any hot tub cover. Not only will it keep out summer debris like leaves, pollen, and dead insects, but it will also make sure that your hot tub stays warm. After all, even on the hottest of summer days, heat can escape from your hot tub making for higher bills and a less enjoyable experience!


We hope you enjoyed our round-up, and please feel free to tell us some of your own favourite accessories and toys for 2013.

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