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How to make your hot tub eco-friendly

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Want to know a great way how you can help the environment and protect your family at the same time? If you own a hot tub, there many ways you can make your outdoor retreat eco-friendly and more enjoyable. In this day in age, there is nothing wrong with wanting to go green. If everyone adopted this mentality, the world would be headed in a better direction economically and environmentally. You can do your part by making green decisions about your hot tub, and the best part of all is that it requires little effort to get started. You will be saving money and protecting your family from harmful chemicals, which is reason alone to carry out eco-friendly measures. Reducing your environmental footprint as easier than it may seem, and it can end up being well worth your while if you implement comprehensive measures.

To maximize cost-savings and reap the benefits of green hot tub options, here are some tips to get started. It is important to remember that some of these ideas are going to be more attractive than others, but this does not mean you want to narrow your selection. If you have the budget to spend and want to truly go green, don’t hesitate to use the available resources. The world of green technology is expanding; this market is expanding due to the realization by an increasing number of manufacturers that it matters, which has in turn caused prices to go down. For instance, solar panels were once an expensive feature that few could afford. Now, however, there are many economical solutions available that deliver excellent results.

Eco-friendly hot tub tips

  • Buy a hot tub cover; this is the best way to cut spending and conserve energy. Every year, millions of dollars are wasted due to poor energy habits. Improper hot tub use is no exception. Installing a cover will reduce the amount of energy your hot tub uses to heat the water, which in turn will save you a lot of money on utility costs. When it comes to eco-friendly hot tub measures, a quality cover really is your best bet.
  • Invest in a water-saving filter; standard hot tub filters typically use a fair amount of water during the cleaning process. To conserve water and save some money, a water-saving model is an excellent option.
  • Solar heating is not just for your home; in addition to installing a hot tub cover, solar panels offer a continual source of free heat. You will want to create a hot tub enclosure (i.e. gazebo) for the panels to rest on. If done correctly, you will likely need to turn the water temperature down in the hot tub due to the heat increase that is generated as a result of the solar panels.
  • The best time to add cleaning chemicals is at night; UV rays from the sun work to decompose these agents, leading to unnecessary waste. To take your eco-friendly measures to the next level, you may also want to consider using chlorine or bromine alternatives that are safer for the environment.

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