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Hot Tub Safety: What You Need to Know

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Hot tubs are great, but can be dangerous. Here are some basic things you need to know.

Hot Tubs and Children: Caution and Supervision

Children have a very high surface area to volume ratio and so they overheat much faster. They are also less likely to realize that they are suffering from heat stroke and take action.

Children should therefore only use hot tubs while supervised.

With teenagers, use your discretion. If you can trust your teenagers to be responsible and safe while using the hot tub, they can use it unsupervised. If you can’t, padlock your hot tub external breaker.

Hot Tubs + Alcohol = Sad Times for All

We’ve all seen a lot of movies with people drinking in hot tubs. There are also a ton of myths going around, like the myth that drinking in a hot tub makes you get drunk faster. Well, those movies and myths are dangerous.

Drinking in a hot tub just dehydrate you faster: no more, no less. This means that it increases the dizziness, nausea, and other negative effects of alcohol, while having no effect on the positive ones. Not only will this lead to a killer hangover, but also it can be dangerous while you’re doing it.

Alcohol makes it likelier that you will suffer heat stroke, the main negative health effect of hot tubs. Even worse, it makes it more difficult to recognize the signs of heat stroke, to gauge the passing of time, to know your limits, and to get out of the hot tub once you are in danger.

Hot Tubs and Sex

If you watch Showcase, you probably also know the other main activity that characters do in hot tubs. I’ve got some bad news and some good news on that front.

The bad news is that sexual intercourse in a hot tub is bad for the lady’s health, full stop. Hot tubs are also not by any measure an effective method of contraception.

The good news is that other sex acts are fine as long as you don’t stay in too long and drink plenty of water. We’re not going to spell this one out for you. Use your imagination and discretion.

Hot Tubs and Falls

Take care not to trip and fall getting into and out of your hot tub. A good set of hot tub steps, available here at The Cover Guy, can go a long way to ensuring safety.

Hot Tub Chemicals and You

Hot tub chemical can be dangerous. Follow all instructions listed on the instructions of hot tub chemicals, including but not limited to:

  • store out of reach of children
  • store in a cool, dry, and dark place
  • always add chemicals to water, never the other way around

This will minimize the risk of adverse and harmful chemical reactions. Needless to say, take care not to get hot tub chemicals, particularly chlorine and bromine, on your skin.

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