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Hot Tub Yoga

Yoga has long been and continues to be one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. It has evolved over the years and is now practiced in multiple variations that are all designed to improve health and wellness. One interesting development in this respect is hot tub yoga. Basically, this involves performing standard techniques while submersed in the water. Many people swear by the benefits that hot tub yoga has over traditional methods, particularly due to the relaxation the muscles are subjected to during the workout regimen.

This type of yoga is actually better for people with health conditions as well. The obese and elderly are better served by this variation due to the minimal strain that is involved. However, like ground types, hot tub yoga techniques can become quite advanced. Aside from strengthening the muscles, the main goal of yoga is to improve flexibility. This is naturally easier to achieve when the body is in a relaxed state. While most personal hot tubs are too small to perform yoga techniques safely or effectively, many commercial establishments have tubs designed for this form of exercise. Here are some of the more popular hot tub yoga techniques that people practice.

Healthy Hot TubbingPopular hot tub yoga techniques

  • Like all forms of exercise, the warm-up phase is critical for avoiding injuries and for preparing your body. Be sure to stretch your limbs in slow and controlled movements and perform a bit of light cardio to get your blood flowing. Be careful not to over-exert yourself as hot water works to dilate the body’s blood vessels.
  • The wave pose is performed by tilting the body to one side. Leave one arm hanging loosely to your side while you wave the other one out. Look up at the outstretched arm then repeat the process with your other arm. This exercise is great for stretching and strengthening your abdomen muscles.
  • The half-boat pose will require you to sit down in the water, and it is also targets the abs. Keep your legs half-bent and lift them parallel to your hips. Hold the pose and slowly return to the starting position. Remember, yoga is all about controlled movements.
  • The half-moon pose is a bit more advanced and should be exercised with caution. It involves keeping your legs straight and leaning back while pushing against your lower lumbar region. Keep your palms in and apply firm pressure, but don’t make any sudden movements.
  • The breakwater pose is great for working your obliques (the muscles that protect the ribcage). Stand up straight and twist side to side.
  • A more advanced technique is the diver’s pose; this is similar to the half-boat pose, but it goes a step further. Extend your feet up and touch your fingers to your toes. Hold the position and relax back to the resting state.
  • There are many other hot tub yoga techniques available, so be sure to vary them up.


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