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How to Build Hot Tub Steps – A Step by Step Guide

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Although we don’t have definitive statistics (97% of statistics are made up on the spot), The Cover Guy suspects that steps are probably the most often overlooked hot tub accessory. When most people buy a new spa they make sure they have everything they are going to need:

  • Cover lifter? Check.
  • Water chemicals? Check.
  • Cool floating rubber ducky with a built-in FM radio? Check.

But then they go to use their tub for the first time and… steps to get into the hot tub? Oops.

If you find yourself trying to use your hot tub without steps you may soon realize that they aren’t really an “optional” option with most spas. If you have an above ground hot tub you really need a safe and easy way to get in and out. That means sturdy, non-slip steps. It’s great if they look nice, too.

This leaves you with two options: buy some steps, or build some steps. There are tons of options of hot tub steps to buy, but if you need an excuse to pull out the tools, or you just want something more customized for your hot tub space building is the answer.

How to Build Hot Tub Steps

Building steps for your hot tub is an easy DIY project depending on how elaborate you go. The nice thing about building your own hot tub or spa steps is that you can build them as big or small as you want. For most hot tubs the building of steps is just building two boxes. However, you can completely customize this area of your hot tub and make all kinds of different entry steps.

  • First you’ll need to choose some wood. You’ll need to choose wood that looks good. Matches or compliments the color of your spa and your house. and that will weather well over time. Redwood and cedar are both good choices, as is kiln-hardened Douglas fir.
  • Once you’ve picked out your wood, you’ll need to cut from a 2×6 4 stringers, and 4 pieces to use as the sides, depending on how tall the side of your hot tub is. Lastly, you will need 4 pieces of 2×4 cut for the treads.
    • Cut the stringers to the width you want the hot tub step to be. The hot tub step can be as wide or narrow as you like.
    • Next cut the 4 pieces for your sides. If its going to be two steps then you need two cut at 14″ and two cut at 7″
    • Lastly, cut your treads to the same length as your stringers plus 5″
    • Build two boxes using wood screws and wood glue, and stack them like in the picture above
    • Using screws and glue attach the two boxes like the above picture
    • Attach two treads per level of step centering them and leaving a small gap between each tread. Use wood glue and screws.
    • Remember measure twice, cut once.
  • Note it’s a great idea to attach the steps firmly to both the side of the hot tub and to the decking using mounting brackets and screws. If your tub rests on something other than wooden decking, you’ll need to attach it to the ground in some other way.

New Hot Tub Steps

And there you have it – some lovely, sturdy hot tub steps. A few more points to consider, though. If you already have the skills and tools necessary to build these steps you probably don’t need these instructions. Maybe if you do need these instructions, you probably don’t have the skills or tools (yet) to build these steps.

If you choose to build hot tub steps because you want to develop some DIY and carpentry skills, or because you want an excuse to buy some neat tools, great! If you are trying to follow these instructions because you want a set of hot tub steps… you might want to check out option 2.

All kidding aside if your hot tub area needs something more custom building your own hot tub steps is a great answer.

hot tub storage stepBuying Hot Tub Steps

Hot tub steps come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and are made of several different materials including wood, stone, and high-grade plastics. They are available with or without built-in storage. The Cover Guy carries a great selection of hot tub steps at great prices, which you can browse here. If you want steps more than carpentry skills, this is the better option.

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