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How to keep your hot tub water clean

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Whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment in the spa on a cold winter night or relaxing in there with a bunch of friends during the summer months, it’s essential that the water stays as clean as possible. Spa water is prone to bacteria and viruses due to the intimate nature of hot tubs. Keeping the water clean requires regular upkeep and diligence. Luckily, there are several products on the market that take the guesswork out of maintenance! Visit your local hot tub retailer for advice on how to keep your spa sanitized all year-round.


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Chlorine has been the traditional go-to chemical in spas and pools around the world. But sometimes, chlorine can cause allergic reactions in people and its strong odour is bothersome to many. If you still decide that chlorine is your best bet, use a granulated version that can be directly sprinkled into the water. Purchase a test kit to ensure that you’re maintaining proper chlorine levels. Experts also recommend “shocking” the spa water once a week. This is done with an oxidizer that kills odour and irritants on contact.


For those of you easily irritated by the smell of chlorine, bromine is the next best thing. It comes in tablet form and does not have the strong odours associated with other sanitizing chemicals. These tablets must be administered with a device known as a floater. The floater is loaded up with a bunch of bromine tablets and then left to “float” in the spa. Over time, these tablets dissolve into the water through the process of erosion.

Salt water systems

If you’re wary of using harsh chemicals in your spa, a salt water care system is one of the best ways to achieve water cleanliness naturally. These kits use low levels of salt to create natural chlorine within your hot tub’s tubing. The system is fully automated and requires no bromine tablets or granulated chlorine. Although salt water systems can get pricey, they are well worth the investment if you’re concerned about exposing your family to toxic agents.

Change your water

Changing the water every 90 days is integral in maintaining a healthy spa. While undertaking this task, be sure to use a pipe cleanser to clean out the plumbing at the same time. There is no use changing up the water if chemical and bacterial build-up continues to flow back into the tub. You would never take a bath in dirty water, would you? So why relax with family and friends in bacterial-infested waters? Change up that dirty water and clean the pipes … and you’re already halfway there to a cleaner spa!

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