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Testing Your Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Testing your hot tub water chemistry is actually one of the simplest tasks to ensure your hot tub water is properly taken care of. The hardest part of this process is simply having the patience and the peace of mind to calmly collect your samples and follow the given instructions. There’s a simple, step by step method to make sure that your readings come out crystal clear and that you’re not working off of any misinformation.

By keeping your hot tub water maintained you will ensure that your hot tub runs efficiently and prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating. To get started you will want to get yourself a spa chemical kit as these kits will include everything required to maintain your spa chemical levels.

1: Run the Spa

It’s important that you run the spa you’re testing for a few minutes in order to make sure you get an accurate reading. Running the spa circulates the water and allows for a more thorough dispersal of the particles in the water that you’re testing for. If the water is still, more of the particles will sink to the bottom and give an inaccurate reading.

2. Draw and Dip the Test Strip

Take a test trip from the container, dip the strip in the water, making sure to swirl it in a circular motion so that it gets exposed to enough water for the sample to take. A failure to provide it with enough water can disrupt the accuracy of the sample.

3. Wait for Results

Included with the testing kit itself should be directions on how long you should wait in order to get the full analysis of the chemical content of the water. Usually, this is no more than a few seconds.

4. Compare

The color chart located on your container of test strips should show you what kind of water you’re dealing with. Remember to keep your test strips indoors when not in use, sun can bleach the color chart potentially rendering it useless.

5. You’re Done!

Now the only goal is to adjust your hot tub water chemistry with what chemicals your test strips have referred you to. Hot tub chemicals seem difficult, but they are primarily a test on your ability to follow directions. Remember that the goal here is precision and making sure that you avoid any complicating outside factors.