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  • Cover Taper (thickness from middle to edge)

    • 100-50mm
    • 125-75mm
    • 150-100mm
  • Climate

    • Warm to Moderate
    • Moderate to Cold
    • Cold to Harsh
  • Extreme Cold, Ice and Snow

    • --
    • --
  • Approximate Product Weight

    • 35lbs
    • 40lbs
    • 45lbs
  • Heat Retention

    • Good
    • Better
    • Best
  • 4 Child Safety Locks

  • Heat Sealed Foam

  • UV Protected 30 oz Marine Grade Vinyl

  • Reinforced for Heavy Snow Loads

    • --
    • --
  • Weight Resistance Per Linear Foot

    • 50lbs
    • 150-200lbs
    • 200-300lbs
  • 2 lb Foam Upgrade Available

    • --

The Cover Guy is one of the original online Hot Tub Covers eStore in the UK! We’ve been providing custom quality Hot Tub Covers at a great price and with great service since 2004.

We take pride in providing our customers covers that last long, and perform better than any other covers available. The quality of our materials and workmanship are second to none and each cover is designed to withstand even the harshest weather.

We provide customized covers for all hot tub models, including, SpaForm, Arctic, Jacuzzi hot tub covers, Coleman spa covers, Sundance hot tub covers, Hot Spring spa covers, Marquis spa covers, Cal spa covers, and Dimension One spa covers. We also take special requests for extra long, wide or three-fold covers.

With The Cover Guy you can expect a great looking cover for an excellent value all bundled together with superior customer service.

Remember we confirm all orders and Guarantee your cover will be a Perfect Fit at the Best Price!

hot tub coversThe Cover Guy produces hot tub cover replacements for all brands and models of hot tubs. In most cases The Cover Guy will have your hot tub dimensions on file and will be able to assist you with your  cover dimensions. When The Cover Guy receives an order one of our specialists looks over the order to correct any dimensions if required. If we make any corrections to the dimensions the customer will be notified before the production of the new lid. This process allows us to provide our customers with a perfect fitting spa cover every time. If you need a new cover The Cover Guy is ready to help, follow our easy to use hot tub cover builder and make your perfect lid today!

Covers offered by The Cover Guy

The Cover Guy offers 3 different cover thicknesses represented by the Standard, Deluxe, and Extreme covers. We offer three different covers to cover all of our customers needs depending on their hot tub placement and environment. You will notice we always use at least a 2 inch slope on our covers so that all moisture and debris roll off the top. On each cover our customers also has the option to upgrade if needed for their application.

The Deluxe Hot Tub Covers

The Cover Guy deluxe hot tub coversThe Deluxe Covers are 5 inches thick in the middle that slopes to a 3 inch thickness on the outside edge of the hot tub cover. Our Deluxe cover is our number one selling cover. The Deluxe covers are suited for just about any climate and condition. We often refer to the deluxe as our all season radial tire of our lineup. The Cover Guy Deluxe hot tub cover is light weight but has an incredible heat retention that cuts down on your heating costs. Our Deluxe Cover is perfect in most conditions snow, sun, rain, or ice. All of our Deluxe covers also come with the four locking straps to keep everyone safe.

The Extreme Hot Tub Covers

The Cover Guy extreme hot tub coversThe Extreme Covers are 6 inches thick in the middle and slope to 4 inch thickness on the outside edge of the cover. Our Extreme spa cover is best suited for the coldest areas of the country that also have snow fall. The Extreme cover will retain the most heat out of all our covers and carry the most weight. The Extreme is built for extreme weather conditions, but will also help if you have large pets and animals that like to sit on your hot tub lid. Like all of our covers the extreme also keeps everyone safe with our four locking straps.

The Standard Hot Tub Covers

standard hot tub coversThe Standard covers are a 4 inches thick in the middle that slopes to 2 inch thickness on the outside edge of the spa cover. Our Standard cover is a perfect cover for any hot tub or spa in a warm weather climate. The Standard cover is also great for indoor heated hot tub areas in homes or resorts. The Cover Guy Standard Tub Covers are light weight and will retain heat, moisture, and chemical odor. The Cover will also keep unwanted debris out and help protect the hot tub surface from any damage. Most importantly the Standard Cover also comes with four locking straps that will keep children and pets safe.

TCG Cover Specialist Confirmation Review

The Cover Guy Navy Hot tub coverOur cover specialists are well trained professionals that know everything there is to know about hot tub covers and their applications. Most of our staff have been with us for over five years and have established themselves in our company and industry. TCG goes through a thorough confirmation with each order placed. This will include brand and model dimensions review of the cover you have ordered so that the dimensions are perfect. We have built the largest database of cover dimensions so you can count on a perfect fit every time.

Cover Care

Hot Tub Cover careThe Cover Guy is extremely proud of the hot tub covers and spa cover products we supply to our customers. Part of your new covers longevity and years of service will be a result of the care. We strongly recommend that all covers be kept clear of debris, snow, ice, and rain whenever possible. Also it is important that you let your hot tub and spa breathe. On a weekly basis by lifting the hot tub cover off your hot tub for at least an hour. Removing the cover when you shock for at least an hour is very important to the health of your cover. This will let the chemical cloud and moisture below your cover to dissipate. The cover should also be wiped down and cleaned with water both inside and out. Use a conditioner that is specifically formulated for hot tub covers to complete your cover care.

How do I know I need a new Hot Tub Cover?

Heavy pooling hot tub coverOne of the first questions you will have is how do I know I need a new cover? There are a couple of tell tale signs that you are in need a of a new hot tub cover. The first sign is that the cover has become very heavy and is hard for one person to remove. As soon as you need a partner to help lift off your cover its probably time for a new one. What has happened is that the cover has become water logged, saturated with water and there is simply no cure or repair for this. The next sign is a little more obvious torn, ripped, non-fitting covers need to be replaced.

Design and Decor

Most covers are replaced for one of the two reasons above. However, a change in the decor of your yard may also trigger a need for a new cover. Nothing lifts your hot tub area more then a new colour hot tub cover. The focal point of many backyards with hot tubs is the tub itself. A nice quick way to update or change the look of the yard is a a new cover.