Tub/ Spa Surface Cleaner (de scale/ scum)


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Spa Surface Cleaner is a very effective product for removing scum and scale from the surface of your pool/ spa/ tub. Spray, or wipe the cleaner onto the surface. Allow to dwell and then wipe off after a short time. Flush away any residue with clean water. The product should leave the surface shiny clean


The product is a concentrated formula and should be diluted before use. Depending on the severity of the soiling and surface to be cleaned, this product can be diluted to between 1:10 and 1:40. Apply with a cloth, or spray directly onto the pool or spa body surface and allow to dwell. This will loosen and lift any soiling on the surface. Wipe away any scum, oil or soap residues. Once the spa has been totally wiped, rinse and wash away any residue product with clean water. Heavily soiled pool surfaces may require a second application. Once cleaned the spa or pool should be restored to a shiny clean finish.