Hydraulic Lifters

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Hot Tub Cover Lifter Buyers Guide

Price Lift / Type Max. Width Sunken or in-ground Ground Suitable Clearance View
£219.99 £199.99 table_top Hydraulic Cover Lifter
Bracket / Shelf
mm Yes Yes View

Hot Tub Cover Lifter FAQ

How to install lifters?

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Which lifter is best for my hot tub?

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Which lifter requires the least amount of clearance?

Our top mounting hydraulic lifters, such as the Hydraulic cover lifter removal system or the cover valet hydraulic, would be the best options.

Which lifter only requires one person to open the hot tub?

Hydraulic lifters make lifting the cover yourself the easiest. They have spring shocks to assist with moving the cover easily yourself.

Why should I get a lifter?

a. Decrease your risks of back injuries due to pulling on and off the heavy cover
b. Speed up the process of cleaning and treating your spa
c. Keep your cover in good shape

What is the most cost effective lifter?

The Standard Lifter is the best option if you are price conscious.