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  • Cover Taper (thickness from middle to edge)

    • 4”-2.5”
    • 5”-3”
    • 6”-4”
  • Climate

    • Warm to Moderate
    • Moderate to Cold
    • Cold to Harsh
  • Extreme Cold, Ice and Snow

    • --
    • --
  • Approximate Product Weight

    • 35lbs
    • 40lbs
    • 40lbs
  • Heat Retention

    • Good
    • Better
    • Best
  • 4 Child Safety Locks

  • Heat Sealed Foam

  • UV Protected 30 oz Marine Grade Vinyl

  • Reinforced for Heavy Snow Loads

    • --
    • --
  • Weight Resistance Per Linear Foot

    • 50lbs
    • 150-200lbs
    • 200-300lbs
  • 2 lb Foam Upgrade Available

    • --

Find the Perfect Cover for your Hot Tub  

Hot tub covers are fundamental to the maintenance of your hot tub, but they have to be the right size to work efficiently. Our easy to use hot tub cover customization tool will guarantee you a perfectly fitted cover, suited for all that our weather has to offer. 

The Deluxe is our most popular cover because it is suited for all climates. The Cover Guy takes pride in providing our customers with covers that last longer and perform better than any other covers available. The quality of our materials and workmanship are second to none, and all of our covers are built in North America.  

Found the cover that best suits your needs? Just click the start button! 

Personal Support with every Order

Our specialists are well trained professionals who know everything there is to know about hot tub covers and their applications. Our team consists of well established professionals, with at least five years experience at The Cover Guy. After each order placed, our specialists go through a thorough confirmation with you. This will include a review of the brand and model, so you can count on a perfect fit every time.

Best Price Guaranteed

We realized early in the development of our covers that we did not want to sacrifice quality for price. The Cover Guy’s tremendous volume of over 40,000 hot tub covers annually provides us the opportunity to purchase top quality materials at reduced prices. The other advantage this volume allows us is reasonable delivery costs. This then translates into cost savings for our customers. 

Covers for all Brands & Models of Hot TubsLight Grey Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub manufacturer specializes in hot tubs. Our specialty is hot tub covers. Proud of our database, which includes the dimensions for all major brands and models, The Cover Guy is ready to build you the perfect fitting hot tub or spa cover. Building over 40,000 covers a year, we are the go-to supplier for all hot tub owners, regardless of what hot tub you own.

Unparalleled Quality & Durability

Our covers are built with our customer feedback in mind and with our 40 years of experience. Built by skilled professionals using the exclusive Cover Guy stitching patterns, we use only the very best quality materials. We also provide the highest quality water repelling materials, both inside and outside the covers. The Cover Guy offers covers for all climates, from the warm, sunny, Southern areas to the snowy, colder Northern areas of the country. Our Deluxe and Extreme covers are built to keep your energy bills low while withstanding the coldest environments and heaviest snow loads of our Northern Customers.

Main Performance Enhancing Characteristics:

  • Exclusive stitching patterns for better wear and tear
  • Highest quality water repelling materials (inside and outside)
  • Covers for all climates: Harsh winters and Sunny summers
  • 2-inch tapered construction to allow moisture and debris to roll off 
  • Energy shield underside to maximize energy efficiency 

Invest in Energy Saving Options

We use the best materials to achieve the best insulating values in the industry. Our closed cell foam and energy reflective materials help our customers save each month on their energy consumption. Rather than absorbing the heat, the heat reflective underside reflects the heat back into the hot tub. Our three cover models, with three different thicknesses, as well as our various upgrades will allow you to choose the very best insulating hot tub cover for your climate. 

Covers for any Climate

The environment is a major factor in deciding which cover best fits your needs. We know which are the colder areas of the United States, and all snow belt areas have been identified. This means that we know which cover will be the best option for you based on your location. Our specialists may suggest a different cover based on local temperatures or snow fall. We want to ensure you are purchasing the best cover option for your needs. If you have any hesitation about which cover to choose, please reach out to our customer service.

Materials used to build our Covers

  • CFC-free foam: Our foam manufacturing process uses steam rather than freon agents which deplete the ozone.
  • Only the highest density foams are used.
  • Stitching is reinforced on all of our replacement hot tub covers. We ensure additional internal reinforcement on high stress and problem areas.
  • Only the highest marine grade vinyl with UV and mildew inhibitors are used to ensure your cover stays looking new.
  • Aluminium reinforcement stiffeners are used down the center for added strength on all replacement hot tub covers.
  • All foam is coated and wrapped with our new ZERO water absorption technology. Our hot tub covers will not get waterlogged like some other manufactured spa covers.
  • A double reinforced folding hinge and tear free handles are included on all covers to ensure trouble-free cover removal.
  • 4 lockable child safety tie downs are added for security as well.
  • Our covers exceed all ASTM standards for hot tub or spa covers.

Twelve Colors available in Standard Vinyl Material

We offer twelve different color options in our standard vinyl. You can make your hot tub the focal point of the backyard or let it blend in. The choice is yours! You can choose your color when you begin the process of building your cover.

cover colors

Upgrade Your Cover with the Premium Weathershield Material

The Cover Guy is excited to offer Weathershield fabric. This lightweight polyester material will decrease the overall weight of your cover by up to 25% in comparison to traditional vinyl. 

Weathershield is designed to be flexible. Its urethane coating enhances the stability of the fabric and allows for greater water resistance, while also minimizing shrinkage and stretching. 

Weathershield fabric is highly resistant to:

  • UV rays
  • Water 
  • Mold & mildew
  • Tears & abrasions

You can choose your Weathershield fabric during our easy online ordering process. 

We offer 4 great color options:





Caring for your Weathershield cover is no additional hassle! Weathershield is designed to be easy to maintain. It can be washed, or brushed off and rinsed. This material is stronger than vinyl and is extremely durable. 

Read more on how to care for your Weathershield cover.

Live in a cold or hot climate? Not to worry, the Weathershield material is 4 season friendly. It is also made of recyclable material. Best of all? It looks great too. 

Hot Tub Cover Upgrades & Additions

You can also make a few additions and upgrades to your cover that will enhance its performance. These additions can be both internal and external to the spa cover. 

A cover lifter can also make your life easier by literally taking the weight off your shoulders. 

Need to change your filter or replenish your chemicals? We got you covered as well.

Available Upgrades:

  • Gazebo and/or Rubber Handles
  • Vapor Proof Barrier Seal  
  • Energy Shield 
  • Full Hinge Steam Stops
  • Double Wrap Foam Core

Most Popular Additions:


Choose between gazebo handles, rubber handles or opt for additional handles. Need all 3? Why not? We offer a variety of different handles to ensure you can easily access and move your cover. 

Rubber Handle

Rubber Handle

Rubber handles are thick and provide an extra grip where it matters most. These handles are added to the exterior of your cover in addition to the regular handles. 

Gazebo handles are placed in the interior of the cover, across the fold, to help move the cover. Usually for hot tubs that are in a smaller space, like if your hot tub is placed within a gazebo setting. 

Energy Saving Upgrades:

Does saving money on your electricity bill month over month matter to you? And do you also want to cut back on energy consumption to contribute to a better environment? If so, then consider adding one or more of these energy saving upgrades to your cover: 

Energy Shield

Energy Shield

Energy Shield: The energy shield is a coating of heat reflective material on the underside of the cover. When the heat rises, instead of dissipating, it is reflected back into the water. 

Vapor Proof Barrier Seal: The vapor seal ensures that water will not be absorbed by your cover. Water absorption will over time increase the weight of your cover and make it very difficult to move. Water-logging will also lead to a decrease of the insulating properties of the cover. Adding the vapor proof barrier seal will repel any water and will keep your cover internally dry, lightweight and insulating. 

Full Hinge Steam Stops: The full length steam stop is a great upgrade that fills the gap between the foam inserts when it is on the tub. Perfect for cold climates! 

Insulated Hinge

Insulated Hinge

Double Wrap Foam Core: To avoid saturation of the foam core, consider adding a double layer of protection. Saturation happens because the chemicals in the hot tub breakdown the poly wrap that surrounds the foam core. Having two layers of protection delays this saturation of the foam cores significantly.

Upgrade to a 2lb High Density Foam Core: The foam is key to keeping the heat in your hot tub. The denser the foam, the stronger the cover will be and the more heat it will retain! Consider upgrading to the 2lb foam if you live in a very cold climate or may have a heavy load (snow, debris, children or animals) land on your cover. 

Learn more about cover upgrades on our blog

Additions, such as lifters and cover caps are good investments in their own right. Lifters will make removing your hot tub cover a one-person job and prevent any injuries. Cover caps will provide protection from the sun and other external factors that may cause tears or fading of your vinyl material. They can also help with heat retention. 

The Cover Guy has you covered (no pun intended) whether it’s purchasing a replacement cover for your hot tub or in restocking your chemicals or switching up a filter. 

Cover Care

After investing in a new cover, you should know how to care for it to increase its lifespan. First, we strongly recommend that all covers be kept clear of debris, snow, ice, and rain whenever possible. Secondly, removing the cover for at least an hour when you shock is very important. This will let the chemical cloud and moisture below your cover dissipate.

Finally, the cover should also be wiped down and cleaned with water both inside and out. Use a conditioner that is specifically formulated for hot tub covers to complete your cover care. For more information on how to care for your cover, we created an easy guide to help you care for your new cover

Made in North America

All of our covers are made in North America, in one of our three manufacturing facilities. Your hot tub cover will be built and shipped from the closest manufacturing facility to your home, which also means you can expect a quicker turnaround time.

Exceptional Customer Service

The Cover Guy specialists always make sure the customer comes first. We take pride in not only offering the best covers at the best price, but we back that purchase up with excellent customer service. If you have an issue with our product, we listen. We will respond and offer a solution each time. 

We are proud to say that our clients have helped us further develop our products. By listening to our customers’ needs and feedback, we have always continuously upgraded and improved our hot tub covers, to ensure optimal performance. Building over 40,000 individual hot tub covers a year, as well as offering additional accessories and products, we know that our customer service is an essential part of our clients’ continued satisfaction

For any inquiry, you can review the FAQ section below or reach us by your preferred method: phone, email or chat