Leisure Bay Spas Hot Tub Covers

Replacement Leisure Bay Spas Hot Tub Covers and Spa Covers

The Cover Guy is one of the leading suppliers of Leisure Bay Spas Hot Tub Covers replacements. We knowLeisure Bay Spas hot tub Cover replacements. You can trust The Cover Guy to replace your hot tub cover with a perfect fitting cover. We are a Leisure Bay Spas replacement spa cover specialist, and we have all their spa models on file. We guarantee your replacement hot tub cover will fit perfectly, last longer, and perform better then the original cover provided. 

If yourLeisure Bay Spas hot tub cover is over 3 – 7 years old you may have to replace it. A hot tub cover over time will become heavy and saturated. When the foam inside a hot tub cover becomes saturated,  they stop insulating the hot tub.  You will notice an increase in your heating costs. The seams may also start to split after being in the sun and elements and bending it back and forth to put the cover on or off the tub for years. The cover my become broken or malformed and lose shape due to heavy loads of snow, ice, water, etc. A spa cover fails to insulate after it loses its shape, because the seal is not as good.

Here is a list of some of the Leisure Bay Spas Replacement hot tub Covers TCG has done:

558, 559, 521*, 527*, 530*, 548*, 551*, 578 (G2), 17000, Celebrity , Cordova, Flores, G3, Harbor Cove, Key West*, LB23000, Mark V, MCNC3 / LX74, Mediterranean, Niagara, Rio Grande, Salida, Santos, South Seas*, Tasman, Tonga, Hatteras

We have all the dimensions for these covers and more. So you don’t need to worry your hot tub cover will fit perfectly.