Sunrise Spas Hot Tub Covers

Sunrise Spas Hot Tub Covers in 4 Easy Steps

The Cover Guy is an expert when it comes to replacement Sunrise Spas Hot Tub Covers, and Spa Covers. We have every Model on file and can Guarantee that your Sunrise Spas Replacement Cover will fit perfectly every time. The Cover Guy is one of the leading suppliers of Sunrise Spas Replacements hot tub covers and other spa covers delivering over 22,000 hot tub covers per year, and have been for the past 10 years.

TCG is a Sunrise Spas replacement spa cover specialist, and we have all Sunrise spa models on file. We guarantee your replacement Sunrise Spas hot tub cover will fit perfectly! The Replacement cover will last longer and perform better than the original Sunrise Spas cover provided.

Hot tub covers need to be replaced every 3 to 7 years due to wear and tear or saturation. A sign your cover needs replacing is the seams and stitching will start to come apart. Another sign is that your cover becomes heavier and hard to lift. Both of these signs that you need a new cover will also increase the cost to heat your hot tub.

Models of Sunrise Spas for which we have built replacement covers:

727 + 749, 747, 799, 636, Aquarian, Eclypse 791, Equinox 959, Freestyle 999, Galaxy, Galileo, Horizon, Jewel, Journey, Lil Dipper, Meridian – 949, Meridian, Millennium, Octagon, Odyssey 780, Paragon/Essence, Paragon/Genesis 150, Paragon/Legend, Poseidon 899, Whitewater, X Calibur, Xspadition, Zodiak

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