Seattle Hot Tub Covers

Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, and is home to an estimated 684,451 residents. As a lake city, Seattle sits on a strip between the fresh waters of Lake Washington and the salty waters of Puget Sound, an inlet on the Pacific Ocean, and serves as a major entry point for trade with Asia: as of 2016, Seattle was the fourth-largest port in North America in term of container handling.


Before the arrival of European settlers from Illinoi via Portland, Native Americans had spent over 4,000 years in Seattle. The Duwamish tribe occupied over seventeen villages around the Elliott Bay area. The Europeans first settled in a town site they called New York-Alki, and later moved to Elliot Bay, befriending the Duwamish and their leader Sealth, later renaming the town ‘Seattle’ in his honor.

Mill production was the principal economic activity in the mid 1850s, with the neighboring San Francisco as its main consumer. Therefore, the discovery of coal in the 1870s led to an increase in population, as there were more job opportunities, leading to exponential economic growth. In June 1889, a fire leveled the central business district, damaging millions worth of property. However, this created room for new municipal developments such as a better sewage system and a professional fire department. Growth was steady after the fire and remained the same even after the arrival of the transcontinental railroad.

Throughout the years, Seattle experienced a boom-and-bust economy fuelled by the world wars, which created numerous opportunities in the shipping industry. The arrival of Boeing in 1916 also played a role in the economic success of the city during the war years and after the introduction of the 707 commercial jets in the 1950s.

Over the years, Seattle’s economy has been steady with Boeing and Weyerhaeuser playing a key role in its development. Additionally, the arrival of technology companies such as Microsoft has fueled it growth, creating new opportunities.


Seattle enjoys a temperate marine (oceanic) climate characterized by mild, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The Puget Sound inlet, Lake Washington and the Pacific Ocean play a crucial role moderating the temperatures. Through helping prevent extreme heat waves and very cold temperatures. While in the city, you will experience clouding throughout the tyear and frequent rains.


Seattle’s boasts a rich performing arts culture; it is home to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, one of the worlds most recorded orchestras. Performance halls that host the several orchestra groups in the city include the historic Benaroya Hall, Seattle Opera House and McCaw hall. Therefore, in the summer and winter, you can treat yourself to the chamber music festivals by the Seattle Chamber Music Society.

Theatre lovers also get to enjoy a performances from the over 100 theatrical companies located all over the city. Alternatively, you can experience the art of spoken word from the home World Poetry Slam champions, with performances happening in theaters and small clubs in the city. As well, Seattle is famous as home of grunge music having produced internationally recognized acts such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Nirvana among others.


The Seattle sporting scene caters to different sports lovers; NFL fans can watch the Seattle Seahwawks, MLB lovers can enjoy the Seattle Mariners and soccer lovers the Seattle Reign FC. Other professional teams in the area include Seattle Storm, who play in the WNBA and the Seattle Sounders FC from the Major League Soccer.


While in Seattle, there is always something to do or see all year round. Some of the activities to look out for include:

  • The 24-day Seattle International Film festival
  • Northwest Folklife on Memorial day Weekend
  • Seafair event in July and August
  • The Seattle Gay pride festival, the Bite of Seattle
  • Bumbershoot over labor day weekend
  • Seattle Hemp fest
  • Native American pow-wows
  • Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair and Book Arts Show
  • Penny Arcade Expo for gamers
  • The Henry Art Gallery , which is Washington’s first public art museum
  • Seattle Museum
  • The Seattle Great Wheel, which is among the largest Ferris wheels in the US
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Woodland Park zoo

Seattle Hot Tub CoversSeattle Hot Tub Covers

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New York Hot Tub Covers

New York

Situated at the mouth of River Hudson, New York is the most influential and largest American metropolis. It is a collection of different neighborhoods that are scattered among its boroughs. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, each display its lifestyle features. It is undoubtedly true that New York is the city with the largest population in the United States. Hosting millions of people from different origins, New York is the most international state in the country. The city is famous for political and commercial activities as it accommodates large business organizations and various political offices.

New York, however, is not only known for business. It is a rather vibrant city that embraces diversity in every field. This includes sports, music and dance, foods and eateries as well as other forms of art. Thousands of visitors come from near and far to see and enjoy the fun in the city. There is something for each person in the city of New York. The rich sense of culture ensures that you never run short of activities to do in this city.


New York City has had a distinguished history of sports over the years as games and sports organizers prefer to hold their tournaments here. Having a rich endowment of modern sports facilities, you are assured of the best sports experience during your stay in New York. The city not only hosts sporting activities but it is also a home to various games organizations’ headquarters such as the National Football League, National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League. Basketball is the most popular game in this city, but you will also enjoy other games such as football, hockey, swimming, and baseball.

Some of the major sports teams include:


National Basketball Association (NBA)

  • New York Knicks
  • Brooklyn Nets

Women’s NBA

  • New York Liberty

American Football

National Football League (NFL)


Major League Soccer

  • New York Red Bulls
  • New York City FC

National Women’s Soccer League

  • Sky Blue FC


Being a city that is the most religiously varied, ethnically diverse, famously congested and commercially driven, you expect a rich expression of art from its residents. If you want to experience the real meaning if diversity in art then New York is the place to be. The local talents are of a very high standard, something that everybody enjoys to view. Music and dance is an imperative element in this city and a good way to relieve yourself of the busy encounters of New York. Musicians from the United States and other regions will often hold their concerts in the city of New York. Other forms of art include drawing and artistic works.


With residents who come from almost all parts of the world, you can imagine the level of cultural interactions in New York. It is a place where you will enjoy the best foods from different cultures. You can’t struggle to find food joints and eateries in New York from which you will get quality foods ranging from the traditional ones to the modern ones.

Outdoor activities

New York’s terrain is a perfect one for lovers of nature with countless outdoor activities to choose from according to your area of interest. Going out for fishing in New York is so much fun as it is a home to many beautiful lakes like Oneida Lake, Lake Champlain, Cayuga Lake and Lake Erie. Boat riding and hiking are also some of the outdoor activities that are common in this city. New York has distinguished tourist attraction sites and game parks like the Statue of Liberty that you must enjoy visiting in those days that you take some time off from the daily routine. For the rock climbers, the city is endowed with mountains and rocky surfaces that will give you an excellent experience.

Many things are unique to New York City other than its large population and entrepreneurial role in the United States. It is worth understanding that New York is both an educational and Historical center and thus a visit to New York means a lot. New York’s fair weather is one that is pleasant and convenient for both outdoor and indoor activities. The state is also known for its exquisite mountain beaches such as Lake Tiorati Beach and Lake Welch Beach. It is here thatyou can visit and interact with the residents as you learn about the city’s culture. New York, therefore, has too much to offer to both its visitors and residents.

New York Hot Tub Covers

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Syracuse Hot Tub Covers

Syracuse Hot Tub Covers and Spa CoversWith a metro area of nearly 700,000 residents, Syracuse, New York is a sneaky large region of the state. New York City claims all the spotlight, however, plenty of other areas around the state with large metro populations. In fact, Buffalo, Rochester and Yonkers all have larger metro areas than Syracuse. Syracuse has a rather interesting history with its location in the eastern portion of the United States. If you’ve never been to this area of New York, you’ll discover it is so much more than just home to Syracuse University.

History of Syracuse

As settlers first made their way into New York state, they quickly began moving further west, away from the coastline. French missionaries became the first Europeans to see the area in the early 1600s when the Native American Onongada Nation invited the missionaries to trade and to set up a mission, situated on Lake Onongada.

With the establishment of the mission, Syracuse became a major missionary point within the state. The city, however, did not currently have its name “Syracuse”. Salt production started in the late 1700s here, and with its location by the lake, the city of Syracuse first became widely known as The Salt City. By 1847, it took on the name Syracuse based on the Italian city of Sicily, which also served as a major salt producing city.

Salt production last for over 100 years in Syracuse, although it declined heavily with the outbreak of the Civil War. The country simply didn’t have a need for large salt mining operations, but the city did take its resources and build new manufacturing plants. This, in the long run, ended up proving favorable for the city as now it is still a major manufacturing city in the country. The industry did take a major hit in the 1970s as several companies, including General Electric, moved production to other regions of the state, and even oversees. Despite this, manufacturing plays a vital role in the city’s employment.

Enjoy the Weather

Syracuse University - Syracuse Hot Tub Covers and Spa CoversSyracuse sees a similar temperature fluctuation to what you might expect for a city in the middle of New York state. July is the high point for the year with an average high temperature of around 82 degree. January is the coldest month of the year.  The average high of 31 degrees and an average low of about 15 degrees. You can expect to see a considerable amount of snow though while in Syracuse. In December alone, you’ll probably see about 25 inches of snow on average. Both January and February bring about 24 inches on average. In fact, you can expect on average to see snowfall in six months of the year. October has the lowest precipitation level of around two inches of rain.

Some Population Decline

The city has seen a population decline since maxing out at over 220,000 within the city back in the 1950s. This can be seen in many Rust Belt cities as manufacturing jobs moved south or oversees. The city now has an estimate of 144,000, although the population decline has levelled off.

Looking For a Job?

If you’re looking for a job, there are several top employers within the city. The State University of New York is the largest employer within the city, follow by Syracuse University. Outside of other colleges and hospitals, Wegmans Food Markets is the largest employer. Lockheed Martin Corp, the aerospace and defence security firm is a major employer here as well. The company’s headquarters are located in Maryland, however, most of the production occurs in Syracuse.

Enjoying Some Culture

Syracuse Orchestra - Syracuse Hot Tub CoversThe Syracuse Symphony Orchestra has been around since the early 1960s and continues to perform, although it now is known as the Syracuse Symphoria. Plus, the Society for New Music helps bring in new talent into the city to perform in several of the classical locations. CNY Jazz Arts Foundation’s Jazz in The Square Festival is one of the largest musical festivals outside of New York City in the state and provides a great opportunity for you to get outside and enjoy live music.

Interested in something indoors? The Everson Museum of Art provides a beautiful display of pottery and a large collection of American produced paintings and photography. Interested in learning about the history of the Erie Canal and how it impacted the city of Syracuse? The Erie Canal Museum is located here, as is the rather whimsical International Mask and Puppet Museum. Beyond this, there are a handful of excellent privately owned art galleries.

Syracuse Hot Tub Covers

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Louisville Kentucky Hot Tub Covers

Louisville Kentucky - Louisville Kentucky Hot Tub CoversLouisville is far more than just the Kentucky Derby. This event should be on everyone’s bucket list. However, the city itself also offers all softs of events and activities to take in. Before visiting Louisville, read up on it’s history to see what the city has in store for you.

History of Louisville

During the early period of European settlements, natural landmarks could prevent further exploration. This occurred with the Falls of the Ohio rapids. This made crossing the river especially difficult, so most settlements simple stopped here. In 1778, Col. George Rogers Clark of the newly minted United States army started a settlement in this location. Within two years, the city of Louisville received official approval from the Virginia General Assembly. The city is in fact named after King Louis XVI of France. You may find odd for a new city in the United States to be named for the Kind of France. However, it was in honor of the French soldiers who helped the United States during the Revolutionary War.

The city of Louisville and Clarksville, Indiana, are very closely related. The Ohio River was a very important shipping method.  Lewis and Clark used the river when setting out on their famed expedition. It was impossible for ships to go over the falls. Therefore, items were unloaded in Clarksville and moved by land to Louisville. This required a good amount of manpower, not to mention additional resources, so it helped the town grow quickly. By the early 1800s, the city already had over 7,000 residents.

Kentucky remained in the Union during the Civil War. Louisville served as an important military position for the Union army. The city wasn’t attacked throughout the duration of the war. This allowed it to prosper due to not needing additional financial resources to rebuild. During the early portion of the 20th century and into the Second World War, Louisville became a major manufacturing city, building several large cargo planes for the war effort. The city continues to grow slowly and is now the 30th largest city in the country.


If you’re new to Louisville or considering a move, do take note that the city does grow rather humid during the summer months. The Ohio River is enough to put a stickiness into the air, so this is something you’ll likely need to become accustomed to. The hottest month on average is July at 89 degrees.  August is a close second with an average of 88 degrees. The coldest month of the year is January with an average high of 43 and an average low of 27. Snowfall occurs only four months of the year (and March only sees 1.4 inches). February is the highest month when it comes to snowfall at 4.5 inches. In terms of precipitation, May sees the most rain at nearly 5.3 inches on average.

Looking For Work?

If you’re looking for work there are all sorts of different companies and industries located here. Shipping is still a major influence in the city as the Louisville and Portland Canal is located here, so shipping along the waterway remains essential. The Louisville and Nashville Railroad also makes shipping from Louisville easy as well. Louisville has become a major air distribution hub for UPS.

The healthcare industry is a growing offering as are most other medical sciences. General Electrics Appliances is a big corporation here. You will also find both the distillery of bourbon whiskey and the tobacco industries as well.

Grab Some Culture

The Kentucky Derby is the most influential event in Kentucky. People come to the daylong event from all around the world. However, there is much more to take in throughout the year than this one sporting day in May. If you are a Shakespeare fan, the Shakespeare Festival takes place in July annually and is a great outdoor activity. Other festivals include the Kentucky State Fair and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Of course, you need to make sure you check out the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Louisville Kentucky Hot Tub Covers

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Houston Hot Tub Covers

Houston Skyline - Houston Hot Tub Covers Houston is the city you would want to visit when you go to Texas. The port city has a diverse population and is leading in healthcare, technology, research and other industries. There are many diverse cultural institutions and exhibits in the city making it a major tourist attraction. The climate at Houston is humid and subtropical with hot summers and mild winters.

Houston is a major oil and natural gas producer. The space city is one of the leading cities in biomedical research and aeronautics. The city allocates most of its resources in the infrastructure of different industries to keep the city thriving. A large contributor to the city’s economy is the Houston Ship Channel. Houston’s many economic strengths makes it recognizable as a global city. With the diverse and ever growing economy, you will expect the city and inhabitants to be vibrant and full of life.

Culture and Food

The space city is one of the diversely populated in the United States and is ever growing.The diversity of cultures is celebrated in many annual festivals here. One of the famous festivals is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that is the largest in the world. The city is often called Space City because it’s the home to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

Houston Barbecue - Houston Hot Tub Covers

When it comes to tasty food, you can tell that there will be a variety of delights. It still maintains its barbecue tradition, and there are other culinary delights you can enjoy from different ethnicities. There are a variety of world-class restaurants to choose from, and you do not have to visit the same one twice. The hundreds of bars in the city guarantee a good time.

Art and Theatre

The Houston Theatre District is home to several performing arts organizations and performance halls. It is one of the few cities with professional companies in all the major performing arts residing in the city. The city attracts many Broadway performers, and the Houston Ballet is one of the best in the country. The only opera company to win several awards is found in Houston. The Houston Grand Opera has won a Tony, two Emmys, and two Grammy awards. The best artists and performers in the world are brought to Houston by the Society for the Performing Arts.

The city has many cultural institutions that act as major tourist attractions. The Museum District has more than seven million visitors annually. There are 19 institutions that make up the city including the Museum of Fine Arts and Rice University Art Gallery. Houston has some of the best art collections in the country that you will enjoy looking art. There are museums that showcase artwork belonging to a particular culture. The city has an outstanding display of graffiti displayed on different streets. Some of the street art is the best in the country and globally.

Sports and recreation

Houston Sports - Houston Hot Tub CoversHouston has hosted some of the biggest sporting events of the nation. These include the NBA Finals and the Super Bowl. There are also local teams that residents enjoy watching in several centers. These include the Astros who play at the Minute Maid Park, the Rockets who play at the Toyota Center, the Dash and Dynamo who are found at the BBVA Compass Stadium and you cannot forget the Houston Livestock and Rodeo that is home to the Rustlers.

During spring, you can compete with the other golfers at the Shell Open PGA Tour. The teams at Houston always have a winning spirit and fight to stay at the top. There are many parks for you to enjoy outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, bicycle riding among others. The Houston Zoo at Hermann Park is where you will find different animal species. The city has several facilities where you can play tennis or go swimming. Residents and tourists enjoy being pampered at the variety of spas and resorts.

The space city is home to several major attractions. You can visit the Space Center Houston, go through the Museum District, and go through the Buffalo Bayou Park where you can walk, ride a bike, or go on a boat ride through the park.

Houston hot tub covers

houston hot tub coversHouston has a flourishing hot tub community. You can join them and have a hot tub installed. Once you get the hot tub, you will need a hot tub cover. You can also get a Houston hot tub covers at competitive prices. The covers are shipped to your location for free, and are durable and guaranteed to keep the water hot when not in use. Take advantage of the free shipping and order your hot tub cover today.

Arlington Virginia Hot Tub Covers

Arlington Virginia - Arlington Virginia Hot Tub CoversArlington, Virginia is often associated with Washington D.C. Many people assume that Arlington is a city, however, this is not the case. In fact, Arlington, Virginia is actually a country, but most people just call it Arlington. With its location in Virginia, it has a rather interesting history to it. Of course, if you wanted to cover the entire history of Arlington, Virginia, you’d need some rather large textbooks. If you’re a history buff you’re more than welcome to do this. However, a more abridged synopsis of it should prove far more beneficial here.

History of Arlington

Before the Revolution, the British empire handed out rather large land grants to weather Englishmen. Thomas Fairfax founded not only Fairfax County but the city of Fairfax as well. The area now known as Arlington County was part of Fairfax at the time. Eventually, a portion of Fairfax became referred to as Arlington. The renaming of the city was in honour of another wealth Englishmen, Henry Bennet, the Earl of Arlington. He named his plantation the Arlington Plantation. However, General George Washington eventually went on to acquire the land following the Revolutionary War. The land proved to be extremely desirable, and following the death of George Washington, his wife gave the land to Mary Anna Curtis Lee. Mary Anna was the wife of General Robert E. Lee.

Following the conclusion of the Civil War, the Arlington Plantation property went on to become the Arlington National Cemetery. The area, however, still wasn’t called Arlington County. This area after the way was part of the County of Alexandria. In fact, the area wasn’t even part of the Commonwealth of Virginia due to how some landholdings shifted as states broke away from the United States prior to the war. Eventually, in 1870, the City of Alexandria split from the county of Alexandria due to a new law causing all cities to become independent of counties. Despite becoming its own city, the county wasn’t named Arlington County until 1920.

Very few residents and rental units were built in Arlington County due to the national cemetery and other important sites. This made it an extremely desirable destination for government branches to build up here, thanks to its close proximity to Washington DC.

Weather in Arlington

Weather in Arlington is similar to that in much of this region, including D.C. and Baltimore. The hottest month of the year is July with an average high of 88 degrees. The coldest month of the year is January, with an average high of 43 degrees and an average low of 29 degrees. Snow fall does occur, but only four months really see more than a trace (March does receive a little over 1 inch). February sees the most snowfall with nearly six inches of snow on average. The driest month of the year is August, with slightly less than three inches of rainfall on average.

Looking For Work?

DEA - Arlington Virginia Hot Tub CoversArlington has the lowest unemployment level in the entire state. Naturally, the largest employer in Arlington county is the federal government. Several large agencies reside in Arlington, including the DEA, DARPA, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Marshals Service, Department of Defense, and Transportation Security.

Arlington offers several job opportunities in the private sector as well. Arlington Asset Investment, Rosetta Stone, AES, Interstate Hotels & Resorts and ENVIRON International Corporation are all located here, just to name a few. The Department of Defense is by far the largest at 24,000 employees, while the second largest is Arlington County at 7,500. Lockheed Martin, Marriott International and the EPA also major employers in the area.

Getting Some Culture

For most of your outdoor culture opportunities, you’ll likely want to head to D.C. However, some of the most famous memorials in the United States are here, including the Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Amphitheater, Iwo Jima Memorial and several others. Most of the employees actually live outside the county or on a military base, despite them working government jobs. Due to this, most cultural locations such as art museums, galleries and performance halls are located in neighboring towns and counties. If you do work in Arlington though, you probably put in long hours on the job. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax after a long, stressful day? With your very own hot tub you finally can.

Arlington Virginia Hot Tub Covers

The long hours spent either working or travelling to visit the countries sites, can be exhausting. The hot tub is the perfect way to relax back home. However, if you have a hot tub, you will definitely want a Arlington Virginia hot tub covers. A hot tub cover protects your tub from the weather, ensures a relaxing soak and saves you money with moderated water temperatures. Arlington Virginia hot tub covers are made perfectly for the area’s climate.

Harrisburg Hot Tub Covers

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg - Harrisburg Hot Tub Covers
Harrisburg serves as the capital city of Pennsylvania and the tenth largest city in the United States. Position-wise, Harrisburg lies on the banks of banks of river Susquehanna to the east and 107 miles to the west of Philadelphia.

Climate and geography

The climate of Harrisburg is humid continental. The climate has four distinct but mild seasons throughout the year. Though summers are often warm, they occasionally get hot with relative humidity. Winters are on the other hand mild.

Population and demographics

In Harrisburg, the population density is 2036% above that of Pennsylvania. Conversely, the median age of Harrisburg population is 21% lower than Pennsylvania. Out of the total population, 33.21% consists of Caucasians while the rest are African Americans and Asians.


Up until Chernobyl, Harrisburg was negatively famous for being the spot where the world’s worst nuclear accident happened. The accident took place at the Three Mile Island power station. However, there are a number of things to smile about ranging from cultural artifacts and other tourist attractions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pennsylvania state capitol– this is an Italian Renaissance building which contains well over six hundred rooms and sits on two acres of land. The building was dedicated in the year 1906 and was graced by President of that time, Theodore Roosevelt. What’s peculiar about the building is the 272-foot dome on the top which was inspired by St. Peters Basilica in Rome. As well, the building is characterized by murals, bronze doors, a marble staircase, and stained glass windows also inspired by building in Paris, Grand Opera House.
  • Harrisburg City Island - Harrisburg Hot Tub CoversCity Island– this is an island park found in the middle of Susquehanna River. The island is known for being the home of senator’s baseball team. The park also features a plethora of attractions as well as many areas for recreation and sports. Among the highlights of the city include nature trails, a bathing beach, batting cages, and jogging tracks just to mention a few. During the months of summer, this place is inviting and experiences an influx in the population of people coming to visit from their regions.
  • Pride of Susquehanna– the river Susquehanna plays host to the Pride of Susquehanna which plies its waters from spring until late fall. This paddle wheeler offers great narrated tours on the history of the city. There exists a variety of cruises ranging from a 45-minute sightseeing cruise to a music cruise, dinner cruise, and even a theme cruise that will depend on the season.


Harrisburg is home to several museums as well that offer good tourist attractions. Some of the museums include:

  • National civil war museum– Here you will find a myriad of artifacts such as equipment and weapon. Also present are the memorabilia of some of the key players in the war including Robert E. Lee.
  • Harrisburg State Museum - Harrisburg Hot Tub CoversState Museum of Pennsylvania-here, you will find, not only civil war artifacts but also geological and archeological items, animal dioramas, paintings, decorative art, as well as industrial exhibits. Other than the artifacts, the museum is home to a planetarium where visitors can expand their knowledge of stars and the planets.

Sports teams

Harrisburg Hershey Bears - Harrisburg Hot Tub CoversPhiladelphia is among the few American cities blessed with a professional franchise in all the four major league sports. Additionally, it has a men’s professional soccer team as well as two professional men’s lacrosse teams. Often, most of the sports teams play within a couple of miles of the center city. Below are some of the top professional sports teams in Harrisburg.

  • Midstate Distillery
  • Harrisburg Senators baseball club
  • Hershey Bears
  • Harrisburg Heat soccer club
  • Enola Sportsmen Assn
  • Harrisburg city islanders
  • West Shore department


On matters foods and cuisines, Harrisburg has some of the cleanest and hygienic restaurants in the region. Some of the restaurants include:

  • Bacco– coupled with its fine foods and great drinks, Bacco puts happiness and joy at the forefront. The restaurant offers a perfect selection of import cheeses, cured meat and heart desserts.
  • Brice-   inspired by the regions around Europe serving fine dining dishes in a soul fashion. The dishes are rich in flavor and not to mention the constant changing of the menu by the team that will make you want to schedule repeat visits to the place. The fresh, locally available ingredients will give you a taste of both Pennsylvania and the Mediterranean.

Harrisburg Hot Tub Covers

Whether you spend the day touring the city, or cheering on the sports team, you will want a hot tub to relax at the end of the day. Ending the day in your own personal hot tub will help you soothe away all the days activities. To ensure the ultimate relaxation, you will also want to purchase a Harrisburg hot tub covers that are specially made to the Harrisburg Climate. This will ensure that your water temperature is moderated, saving you money, and the shipping is always free.

Ann Arbor Hot Tub Covers

ann arbor michiganAnn Arbor is a city located in the State of the Michigan in the United States. This city lies along the Huron River and thus is a rich agricultural center. The town is one of the best places to establish a residential home. It has all the important social amenities. Ann Arbor also has a suitable climate, no wonder many people prefer to live here. Once you get to this city, you will notice that it is an established health and educational center.

Ann Arbor boasts of the famous University of Michigan which dominates the larger part of the city. This institution of higher learning brings together people from all walks of life which helps in diversifying its aspects of culture. There are also other colleges and universities found in Ann Arbor and thus an established educational center. Apart from education and healthcare, there are lots of commercial activities that take place in this city. Being an established business center, Ann Arbor hosts various business conventions every year. Other factors that distinguish Ann Arbor from other towns include its deep culture and art, foods and music.

Culture and Food

The active community of Ann Arbor will give you a cultural experience you are not likely to experience in any other place. You will barely miss a cultural festival going down in the different places of this city. An example of such events is the Ann Arbor Arts Fairs, which draws thousands of visitors to this city every time it is planned. The performing arts facilities and groups of the University of Michigan equally enhance the cultural activities done in Ann Arbor.

This busy town has it all. Its restaurants which emphasize on artisanal foods assures you of the best foods. The integration of people from different ethnic backgrounds has created a unique diversity in the foods. You will enjoy both traditional and modern foods prepared in the most artistic way. Ann Arbor is home to many elegant hotels such as Zingerman’s Roadhouse and Dahlmann Campus Inn.

Art and Landmark

Ann Arbor takes the lead in art. The city has a collection of creative artists in different fields, whose artistic works is something you must enjoy. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a place where you will learn a lot about the culture and history of this great city. There are multiple galleries of art in this museum as well as traditional artifacts which will help remind you of those ancient days. The Michigan Stadium is another landmark where deep artistic arts are displayed during the art festivals. The music and dance experience in Ann Arbor is one that you are likely never to forget.

Ann arbor gardensLivability

Ann Arbor is one of the most serene places to live in. The cost of living is relatively affordable, and the town has a very good state of infrastructure. With the many parks in this location, you will always have somewhere to spend your time with outdoor activities such as hiking and bike riding. The beautiful gardens situated in this town such the Matthaei Botanical Gardens are a perfect place to relax with your loved ones.


ann arbor michigan stadiumAnn Arbor is a vibrant city when it comes to sports. There are always tournaments and competitions going down in its sports stadiums. The college sports competitions draw the attention of everybody in this town. The famous Michigan Stadium which is America’s biggest football stadium is a major contribution to the sporting activities in Ann Arbor. Other games that are common in this city include basketball, hockey, and baseball which involves various sports’ teams such as AFC Ann Arbor.


The city of Ann Arbor prides itself with high standard transport networks with the latest of modern structures. Major roads pass through this city, thus connecting it with other parts of the country. The city also has a well-coordinated bus service which enables you to move from one place of the city to another with ease. The Detroit Metropolitan Airport and the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport are some of the airports found in this location. It also has a railway that connects it to other towns in Michigan.

ann arbor hot tub coversAnn Arbor Hot Tub Covers

Staying in Ann Arbor is fun. There are countless activities to engage in during your stay in this town. If you decide to reside in Ann Arbor, it is paramount that you consider installing a hot tub in your home. The climate and the activity really dictates having a hot tub. So many residents enjoy this lifestyle. Hot Tubs help to release the stresses of the days, and heal the sore muscles of the weekend warriors. Taking care of a hot tub is easy as well, less maintenance then a pool for sure. And to keep your costs down you need a great insulated hot tub cover. Ann Arbor hot tub covers can be purchased online at The Cover Guy.

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Covers

Grand Rapids MichiganGrand Rapids is the fastest growing city in Michigan. While Detroit’s population has declined continually, Grand Rapids had invested into a multitude of industries in order to help safeguard it from future recessions. Now, the population of the city is significantly lower than that of Detroit at nearly 190,000 residents, it does have a metro area of over 1.3 million. If you’re considering calling Grand Rapids home (or if you already do), brushing up on some Grand Rapids history is always worthwhile. You may see different locations in a brand new light the next time you drive to work or take the kids to the park.


The majority of Michigan was occupied by several tribal nations long before the arrival of European settlers. In fact, for nearly 2,000 years, The Hopewell people called Grand River Valley home. Several battles between rival indian tribes played out in the area of modern day Grand Rapids due to the important waterway. Eventually, the tribe split, with one group known as the Chippewas moving north while the Pottawatomies stayed in the region around the Kalamazoo River. Around the time European settlers first started to settle along the eastern seaboard, the Ottawa tribe set up new villages around Grand Rapids, all off of the river. A prominent chief in the area who went by the name of Pontiac brought together several different tribes in order to help fight the British in Detroit.

While the British fought the Indian tribes, the French eventually moved in. Many tribes saw the French as friendly and more open to tribal life than that of the British (plus the French promised to avoid taking tribal lands). Missionaries from Detroit moved into the area of Grand Rapids, as well as several traders, in order to not only trade with the Native Americans but also set up trading posts. Trading actually developed in northern Michigan first thanks to the number of elk, wolves and other animals not found in the southern portion of Michigan. Traders, and trappers eventually moved down Lake Michigan.

Grand Rapids Powers Ahead

A European based American settlement did not form in Grand Rapids until 1823 as a new mission was built. Several years later, a new school house and several buildings had been constructed. The settlement first truly took off in the early 1830s as more settlers moved into the area. Eventually, the very first hydro electric generator was installed in Grand Rapids during the 1880s. This helped turn Grand Rapids into a major hub for the budding auto industry. In fact, the Austin Automobile Company called the city home until 1921. The Austin never truly took off though as the country fell into the Great Depression. Despite the auto industry taking up a foothold in Detroit instead of Grand Rapids, the city did prove fruitful in several other industries.

Grand Rapids Weather

Weather in Grand Rapids can remain mild for most of the year. Although, it also can become rather humid due to the lake. Lake effect snow also is something you need to consider as the western portion of the state receives far more snow than the east. As for temperature, July is the hottest month of the year with an average high of around 83 degrees. January is the coldest month of the year.

The average high of 31 degrees and an average low of 18 degrees. In terms of overall snowfall December sees the most snow at nearly 22 inches of snow. January has a slight drop off at 21 inches. February drops a bit down to 15 inches of snow, while March is eight inches. Only four months of the year don’t see any trace snow. August sees the lowest amount of precipitation during the year at 3.59 inches of rain.

Culture in Grand Rapids

grand rapids griffinsArtPrize is a major art festival in the city. It literally is a full city event. Art from all over the world transforms not only inside buildings but outside as well. ArtPrize is put on by the DeVos family. The DeVos family owns Amway. You may be currently more familiar with Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education pick by President Trump. It is the largest overall art competition in the world and it also gives away the most money.

Other major cultural destinations is the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There is also the DeVos Performance Hall and Van Andel Arena. Van Andel is home to the Grand Rapids Griffins. The Griffins are a minor league affiliate of the Detroit Red Wrings. The West Michigan Whitecaps is also located here and serve as a low single A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. The Grand Rapids Drive is the Detroit Piston’s NBA D-League team. 

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Covers

Grand Rapids Hot tub coversGrand Rapids is a great town of active residents that count on their hot tubs to rid their day of stress. Hot tubs are so popular in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas that they even have locations that offer hot tubs called the Oasis Hot Tub Gardens. The maintenance on a hot tub is not that much as long as you keep up with it. And the cost of running a hot tub in Grand Rapids is not overwhelming as long as you have a good quality hot tub cover. With the temperatures the way they are and with the huge amount of snow that comes to town the Extreme hot tub cover makes sense. Grand Rapids Hot Tub Covers have been made by The Cover Guy for many years and stand up to the elements presented in the area.


Chicago Hot Tub Covers

Chicago waterfront skylineDid you know Chicago’s full official name is “City of Chicago?” Of course, since there’s no Chicago state, there really isn’t a need to say “City of Chicago” when referring to the third most populated city in the United States. With more than 2.7 million people calling the city home (and almost 10 million in the metro area, known as Chicagoland), only New York City and Los Angeles are larger cities within the United States. Even if you’ve never been inside the city before, if you are an avid flyer chances are you’ve had a flight delayed in O’Hare International Airport before. However, this city is truly worth exploring. With its location on Lake Michigan, there really is everything you might possibly want in a city.

Chicago History

The first historical reference to the region around Lake Michigan is in regards to a location known as “Checagou” in the 1670s. Now, this is how Robert de LaSalle referenced the area when writing about it. However, the Native American Potawatomi tribe in the region called it “Shikaakwa.” The “Checagou” pronunciation seemed to stick though and eventually the region became known as Chicago to European traders and settlers. The area remained part of the Potawatomi trip until the Northwest Indian War, in which this area around Lake Michigan was turned over to the United States in the late 1700s. Continual battles were fought throughout this area, although it finally came to an end with the sighing of the Treaty of Chicago in 1833.

A City is Born

Beginning in 1833, a few hundred settlers created the town. Its location right on Lake Michigan offered it excellent fishing, in addition to other natural resources. This helped the city grow to several thousand residents in only a few years. The Town of Chicago officially became the City of Chicago in 1837. Chicago established itself as a transportation destination to help connect the eastern and western portions of the United States. A canal was built here to connect the Great Lakes with the Mississippi River to further along transportation. The transportation hub helped bring about not only goods, but also new residents and immigrants.

Tough Times and the Destruction of Chicago

After the Chicago FireIn 1871, the Great Chicago Fire touched much of the city, although the railroads and stockyards survived due to being built out of steel (most of the city was constructed from wood at the time). This fire actually helped the city of Chicago modernize itself with the construction of new skyscrapers. The very first skyscraper rose from the ashes in 1885. With the establishment of the skyscraper, Chicago competed directly with New York with regards to construction potential.

The city has continued to grow and develop, not only along the Lake Michigan waterfront but also around the Chicago River.

Authentic Chicago PizzaChicago Food

Whether  you pick up some authentic Chicago style pizza or chow down on some of the best hot dogs in the country. You’ll find it in the Windy City. Chicago is also famous for their Italian beef sandwiches and of course the Steak Houses that are all over the city. There are debates to where the best deep dish pizza is and where the best steak is. Take it from me though they all hold there own and you will not be disappointed with any of the classics.

Enjoying the Weather

Chicago’s weather can fluctuate heavily throughout the year. Plus, with its location right off of the lake it does receive a good amount of lake effect snow (not to mention the wind). The hottest month of the year is July, with an average high of 84 degrees. The coldest month of the year is January, with an average high of 31 degrees and an average low of 16.5. In terms of rainfall, August sees the most rain with 4.9 inches. In fact, only January February and March are under three inches of rain annually, but this is made up with nearly 11 inches of snow in January, 9 inches of snow in February, 8.2 in December and 5.6 in March. At least a trace of snow falls in Chicago all but four months of the year.

Get Out and Have Fun

Chicago is the perfect destination to just get out and have fun. As a major influence in the jazz community, there are some of the most popular jazz clubs in Chicago. This includes small dives found in Rogers Park, Greektown and Little Italy. The Goodman Theatre, Victory Gardens Theater, Broadway in Chicago and the Symphony Center are just some of the live performance destinations. (there are dozens of options in this regard). As well, the Field Museum is located in Chicago, which is a must visit if you’re ever in town. It has so many unique and amazing exhibits.

Chicago Sports and Recreation

chicago cubs wrigley fieldIf you love sports, Chicago is a professional sports town. The city has two MLB teams, including the Chicago Cubs and White Sox. The Cubs of course play at the legendary Wrigley Field. The Chicago Bears play at Soldier Field right off of Lake Michigan. If you are a fan of soccer, Toyota Field is one of the newest entries into the sporting world here. Let’s not forget the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan.

The Chicago Blackhawks are the champions of the city over the past decade. They have won several Stanley Cup championships. Stars like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Teows and Duncan Keith lead the Hawks on a nightly basis. Youth minor hockey is huge in the area as well attracting many of the area’s youth to play at centers all over the city.

Chicago Waterfront trailsThere are many paths along the waterfront and the people of Chicago are active and enjoy them. On weekends you will see people walking, cycling, and jogging on the Chicago waterfront. You will also witness parks full of adults and youth playing in baseball and flag football leagues all over the city. The Windy City has some get up and go and is very active.

Chicago Hot Tub Covers

chicago hot tub coversThe small backyards of the city lends itself to hot tubs. Many of Chicagos residents enjoy a good soak in their hot tub after a busy day of work or sport. Soaking in the tub releasing stress of the work day, and sore muscles from hard work on the court is wonderful. With the temperatures of four seasons the Deluxe cover from The Cover guy makes the perfect Chicago hot tub covers. 

Albuquerque Hot Tub Covers

Albuquerque, New Mexico is the largest city in the state. Albuquerque is currently the 32nd most populated city in the country (although it likely will pass Milwaukee in the next few years). Cities such as Albuquerque have a very interesting historical significance. The British and the French did not touch this part of the country. Instead, the Spanish played a much more pivotal role in the development of Albuquerque than most other European powers. If you’re interested in a new city or have been considering calling it home for some time, it truly does offer you unique opportunities.

The History of Albuquerque

As European settlers moved along the Atlantic coastline, the Spanish had been moving up through Mexico for well over a century. Eventually, the city of Albuquerque was founded in 1706. It was created as an outpost for trading and referred to as Villa de Albuquerque. With its location and open plans surrounding the outpost, it proved to be an important vantage point for residents of the outpost. The same year, the Spanish military placed a full garrison within the outpost.

As more and more facilities were required in order to provide for the military presence, the Spanish settlers began building the city much like they would in Spain. The center of the town is a plaza, or large open area with a church to one side.  Just off of the plaza all the Government buildings are connected. And other buildings like shops are on the outside. Many of the most famous Spanish cities not only in Europe, but in North and South America are designed like this.

In 1821, Mexico took over the outpost and began using it as its own military facility. This also added to the interesting cultural and architectural flavor of the town, as Mexico used a combination of Spanish and aboriginal building techniques to customize unique buildings. By the 1840s, the United States obtained the region of New Mexico. At this time, modern day Arizona was part of New Mexico, making for an extremely large territory. Again, the United States used the city as a military position.

Civil War History

During the Civil War, the Confederate Army used the city as a deployment base. The Union Army and the Confederates had a daylong battle here. However, fighting this far west remained few and far between. A small skirmish as far as Arizona, just south of Tucson was the furthest west any fighting took place, but for the most part New Mexico just sent troops out to the east.

Albuquerque served as a major trading post for individuals traveling further west to California. Route 66 passes along Albuquerque, so many travelers setting out during the Great Depression and the droughts traveled through the city. Some even settled here, which helped with the growing population.


If you have never been to Albuquerque, you may be surprised as to the cooler temperature. While not cold, it has nowhere near a similar temperature to Phoenix, which is on a similar longitude line. July is the hottest month on average at 90 degrees, while December is the coldest month, with an average high of 46 degrees. However, January has the lowest coldest low of 26 degrees. You will not experience much in terms of rainfall. August sees the most rain with an average of 1.58 inches. Additionally, it does snow occasionally here (which again may catch some off guard). December sees an average snowfall of 2.7 inches.

Albuquerque hot tub covers

Albuquerque Winters make it perfect for hot tubs. The cold winter nights will add to the enjoyment with the warm soothing water. I like to keep my hot tub at 100 degrees but they can go up to 104. The proper hot tub temperature is really up to you but mostly between 100 and 104. What you really want to do is to protect your hot tub and the heat with a good insulated hot tub cover. Albuquerque hot tub covers need to have good insulation and thickness to keep the heat in and the snow from breaking the cover.

Take In Some Culture

One of the most important times in the Albuquerque schedule is during the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair. This is a fair that only allows artists from the state to sell and showcase. The fair has also been going on since 1961. As well The Isleta Amphitheater, Sunshine Theater, KiMo Theater and Tingley Coliseum all put on performances throughout the year. If you want to take in natural history and other points of interest, you should consider the Albuquerque Museum. Old Town (which has much of the original plaza preserved), plus the Museum of Natural History and Science.

Albuquerque has lots to offer for the sports enthusiast. You can find a large number of minor league teams here and no Top pro teams. Even despite being larger than many other cities with professional teams, including Atlanta, Miami and Buffalo. The AAA Albuquerque Isotopes are located here. If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you may know the local baseball team is the Springfield Isotopes. At one point, the owner threatens to move the team to Albuquerque. The team decided to actually change its name to Isotopes based off of these Simpsons’ episodes.


Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub Covers

Phoenix hot tub covers When you think of Phoenix, you probably think of the desert, cactus and whatever else conjures up images of the American Southwest. However, once you visit the city and its surrounding metro areas you’ll quickly discover there is more here than you ever thought. In fact, there is a reason why it is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the entire country, not to mention the sixth largest city in the nation with over 1.5 million residents. With an expanding city populous, there is much to see and plenty to enjoy from Phoenix.

Some Basic History on Phoenix

The history of Phoenix can be broken down into a few different parts. The first revolves around tribal Arizona before any interaction with European colonists. For more than 2,000 years prior to Europeans traveling to the Americas, the Hohokam tribe called much of central Arizona home thanks to several important waterways in the area. However, at some point in the 1300s, an extended drought caused a lack of food, which forced the tribe to move from this area of Arizona. Eventually, several smaller tribes took up residence in the desert planes for another several hundred years.

This area of North America remained relatively safe from the Spanish Conquistadors as they remained mostly south of the region. However, following the conclusion of the Mexican-American War in 1848, the Phoenix area became part of the United States. Originally part of the New Mexico Territory, it became part of the state of Arizona upon its formation (which essentially cut the New Mexico Territory in half, making it easier to govern).

Prior to the Second World War, Phoenix had a population of must 65,000. Many in the military who enlisted during the war were trained in and around Phoenix metro. Following the conclusion of the war, they returned to this area and helped make it the massive metro area it is today.

Phoenix Climate

Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub CoversPhoenix is one of the hottest cities in the United States. While the year long average of Phoenix is lower than that of Las Vegas, the average summer high remains unlike most other areas of the country. In July, the average daily high temperature is 106 degrees, while the average low is 83 degrees. The average low temperature has continued to increase over the years due to expansion of the city. As more cement is used, the material absorbs the heat during the day and radiates out during the night. This is a major reason why, despite being nearly two hours further south, Tucson is cooler than Phoenix throughout the year.

Unlike other areas in Phoenix, there is no monsoon season. Southern portions of the state go through what is known as monsoon season, which sees warm temperatures but brings about torrential rains. There is nothing like this in Phoenix, as the highest average precipitation is July at 1.05 inches. August is the only other month of the year with an inch of rain.

The hot tub community in Phoenix is huge many active people know the benefits of great hydrotherapy in their life. When your looking for a hot tub cover for the Phoenix area you can certainly get by with a Standard cover from The Cover Guy. It’s more about keeping debris out of the hot tub then keeping in the heat. Although it can be a little colder at night in Phoenix so the Deluxe cover may be the better long term choice. The Cover Guy is a specialist in providing the right choice for Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub Covers.

Looking For Work?

One of the major reasons why Phoenix continues to grow in population is due to the number of large companies located here. Phoenix is an excellent destination as it is only around five hours east of Los Angeles. It does not have the same kind of state and local taxes that California does. It is also just a few hours from Las Vegas and six or so from Albuquerque. This makes it an excellent location not only for business, but for shipping.

Currently, four Fortune 500 companies are located in Phoenix. PetSmart, Republic Services (a waste removal company), Avnet (electronics) and Freeport-McMoRan (mining) all call Phoenix home. If you are not in one of these fields do not worry. The largest employment category in Phoenix is office and administrative support, which makes up nearly 18 percent.

Have Some Fun

phoenix symphanyPhoenix is home to a large number of midwestern transplants. Depending on where you live in the city, you’re likely to run into a large number of people who moved from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois and other states. This has brought about a large number of cultural performing arts theaters. The number one being the Arizona Opera Center, which opened in 2013. Other locations include the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Arizona and the Arizona Opera. A handful of other exceptional theaters and performance halls are located in nearby suburbs as well.

arizona baseballIf you are a sports fan, you can’t forget the excellent sporting opportunities here. Every major sporting league has a team here. Glendale is the home of the Cardinal’s Stadium. It’s easy to get to, only requiring a short drive. Plus, the metro Phoenix area is perfect if you love baseball. Beyond the Arizona Diamondbacks. Fifteen teams in the Cactus league baseball Call Metro Phoenix home. This happens for several spring months each year.

Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub Covers

Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub Covers with the best quality and price. For more then the past decade The Cover Guy has been covering Phoenix Hot Tubs. We are here to build you the best cover with the best fit.