Grand Rapids Hot Tub Covers

Grand Rapids MichiganGrand Rapids is the fastest growing city in Michigan. While Detroit’s population has declined continually, Grand Rapids had invested into a multitude of industries in order to help safeguard it from future recessions. Now, the population of the city is significantly lower than that of Detroit at nearly 190,000 residents, it does have a metro area of over 1.3 million. If you’re considering calling Grand Rapids home (or if you already do), brushing up on some Grand Rapids history is always worthwhile. You may see different locations in a brand new light the next time you drive to work or take the kids to the park.


The majority of Michigan was occupied by several tribal nations long before the arrival of European settlers. In fact, for nearly 2,000 years, The Hopewell people called Grand River Valley home. Several battles between rival indian tribes played out in the area of modern day Grand Rapids due to the important waterway. Eventually, the tribe split, with one group known as the Chippewas moving north while the Pottawatomies stayed in the region around the Kalamazoo River. Around the time European settlers first started to settle along the eastern seaboard, the Ottawa tribe set up new villages around Grand Rapids, all off of the river. A prominent chief in the area who went by the name of Pontiac brought together several different tribes in order to help fight the British in Detroit.

While the British fought the Indian tribes, the French eventually moved in. Many tribes saw the French as friendly and more open to tribal life than that of the British (plus the French promised to avoid taking tribal lands). Missionaries from Detroit moved into the area of Grand Rapids, as well as several traders, in order to not only trade with the Native Americans but also set up trading posts. Trading actually developed in northern Michigan first thanks to the number of elk, wolves and other animals not found in the southern portion of Michigan. Traders, and trappers eventually moved down Lake Michigan.

Grand Rapids Powers Ahead

A European based American settlement did not form in Grand Rapids until 1823 as a new mission was built. Several years later, a new school house and several buildings had been constructed. The settlement first truly took off in the early 1830s as more settlers moved into the area. Eventually, the very first hydro electric generator was installed in Grand Rapids during the 1880s. This helped turn Grand Rapids into a major hub for the budding auto industry. In fact, the Austin Automobile Company called the city home until 1921. The Austin never truly took off though as the country fell into the Great Depression. Despite the auto industry taking up a foothold in Detroit instead of Grand Rapids, the city did prove fruitful in several other industries.

Grand Rapids Weather

Weather in Grand Rapids can remain mild for most of the year. Although, it also can become rather humid due to the lake. Lake effect snow also is something you need to consider as the western portion of the state receives far more snow than the east. As for temperature, July is the hottest month of the year with an average high of around 83 degrees. January is the coldest month of the year.

The average high of 31 degrees and an average low of 18 degrees. In terms of overall snowfall December sees the most snow at nearly 22 inches of snow. January has a slight drop off at 21 inches. February drops a bit down to 15 inches of snow, while March is eight inches. Only four months of the year don’t see any trace snow. August sees the lowest amount of precipitation during the year at 3.59 inches of rain.

Culture in Grand Rapids

grand rapids griffinsArtPrize is a major art festival in the city. It literally is a full city event. Art from all over the world transforms not only inside buildings but outside as well. ArtPrize is put on by the DeVos family. The DeVos family owns Amway. You may be currently more familiar with Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education pick by President Trump. It is the largest overall art competition in the world and it also gives away the most money.

Other major cultural destinations is the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There is also the DeVos Performance Hall and Van Andel Arena. Van Andel is home to the Grand Rapids Griffins. The Griffins are a minor league affiliate of the Detroit Red Wrings. The West Michigan Whitecaps is also located here and serve as a low single A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. The Grand Rapids Drive is the Detroit Piston’s NBA D-League team. 

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Covers

Grand Rapids Hot tub coversGrand Rapids is a great town of active residents that count on their hot tubs to rid their day of stress. Hot tubs are so popular in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas that they even have locations that offer hot tubs called the Oasis Hot Tub Gardens. The maintenance on a hot tub is not that much as long as you keep up with it. And the cost of running a hot tub in Grand Rapids is not overwhelming as long as you have a good quality hot tub cover. With the temperatures the way they are and with the huge amount of snow that comes to town the Extreme hot tub cover makes sense. Grand Rapids Hot Tub Covers have been made by The Cover Guy for many years and stand up to the elements presented in the area.